Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bot Intelligence

(The following is JUST my opinion, of what I observed on various
blogs thruout the years, I dont have access to people's original
posts or those involved.)

(If you feel there is something that isn't factually correct, let me
know and I will delete it, again it's  my OPINION, I'm not stating
anything as fact)

I always wondered how it was done.

The math just didn't add up.  Lately I
have been reading about BOT Intelligence and
how a lot of twitter accounts are run by machines,
and not a human typing.

I'm not talking about how Bot Intelligence is done,
but how a blog could go so viral  so fast.

You see a few years ago, a blog supposedly got  a million
hits in just a few days.  Can happen I suppose, the blogger
has now become a published writer a editor of a major
news blog in New Zealand and doing the speaking

Of course the story behind her success, wasn't true,  it
wasn't her first blog, and this person had a history of
calling themselves a victim, yet they  were guilty of the
behaviour they were accusing others of, and were extremely

Anyway that's another story.  On the first few days of
their new blog, twitter in New Zealand went off,
tweet after tweet saying "You have go to this blog", "Funniest
post in Internet History"

 I thought at the time it was just a Mantra
from her fanbase,  but it appeared most tweets were word
for word the same, no difference and they would appear
every 10 to 15 seconds.

But after reading what I have read today, I believe this blogger has used "Bot Intelligence"

They have a history on twitter of deleting their own tweets,
they go off and on twitter every so often, (currently they have
a protected account)  So my theory is that  they're using Bot
Intelligence and are trying to hide it.

They wouldn't be the first Kiwis to use it,  NZ Rugby uses it,
and then reports false social media numbers to the media who
of course lap it up.

I find Bot Intelligence on social media for this purpose to
be disgusting and think it should be illegal.

Of course it wont, it's just kinda scary this is the way some
people use it.

Here's hoping the trend wont catch on.

Time will tell.

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