Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This Kid is No Hero or Victim

What happen to him was wrong. But he is no victim
and no hero, and he certainely shouldn't have been
invited on stage to celebrate  with the Sydney Football
team after they won the FFA.

What he did was passive aggressive, what he was obnoxious,
annoying and inconsiderate, what he did also showed
he has some sort of sense of entitlement.

Basically this is the Kid, who was a ball boy during
the FFA cup final game between Sydney and Adelaide,
the game had gone into extra time, minutes left, Adelaide
was down by a goal, the ball went out, the Adelaide player
spotted a player was on the break so wanted a quick throw

He asked the kid for the ball, the kid held on to it, the
player then went up the kid and asked him again, the
kid turned his back on the player and cradle the ball
so the player couldnt get it, the player then  wrapped his
arms around the kid to get the ball, the kid fell over
all hell broke loose.

The kid made himself out to be a victim, that he was
done wrong, after the game, as stated before, he was invited
on stage to celebrate with the Sydney team.

Yes the player shouldn't have touched the kid, but here's
the thing, this sets an awful precedent, boy balls will think,
hey we can help our home team, we can be smart asses
to the opposition players, but cause we are only 10-12 years old,  no
one will try and stop us.

This is so wrong, this kid needs to be banned himself, from Football
for a short period of time and be made to make a public apology, not be
touted in the media as a victim and a hero.

He had one job, get the ball to the player as fast as possible.

He failed, he shouldnt be rewarded for his disgusting behavior.

This incident believe me, will be repeated by ball boys all over,
unless people invovled in Football speak out.

I don't think they will though.

Time will tell.


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