Saturday, November 4, 2017

Stranger Things

1980's, Best Decade Ever for kids.

This is why Stranger Things is so damn popular.

People my age can look back at our own childhood
and teen years and identify with the show.  The Duffer
brothers have got this down pact. Everything about the
show takes me back.

It's like a show that was made  for me in mind.
I was a kid who got into Stephen King's short stories in
the 80's and loved them because he wrote  10-17 year
old's so well.  Even if the Duffer brothers themselves
hadn't came out and said they were heavily influenced
by King, you can tell.

The arcade scenes from season 2 were brilliant, I remember
playing those games, and hoping one day, my name would
make the high score list, which I did once!!!  My crowning
life  achievement.

The Kid's like in IT, (Finn is amazing again) speak like
kids spoke in 1980's, but it was also a more innocent time
when it came to members of the oppostie sex,  no sexting
back them.

If I had just one small gripe with the show, the actors playing
the High School kids, are just a little too old looking, but it's a
very small gripe.

If you were told this was a show that was filmed in the 1980's
you would believe it, they get it that perfect.

So thank you Duffer Brothers for taking me back to my
pre adolescent- adolescent years, reminding me of the
friendships I had, reminding me of what was important to
me back then.

You deserve all the praise you have receieved, hopefully the
Emmy's will come a calling.

Time will tell.

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