Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chris Martin, What are you doing here at a Closet Company in LA?

It's Mental!

Modern Family which is one my fav shows of my
life time, may have jumped the shark or at least been
pranked by Chris Martin.

Thru it's first four seasons, I would've put Modern Family
up there with the all time greats, MASH, Seinfeld and
the Office (Both UK and US Versions)

The next two seasons saw a drop in quality, the two seasons
after that were literally quite poor, but this season, the show
has bounced back.

Until now, where it was announced that Chris Martin is
visiting the Dunphy's.

As soon as this was announced, comparison with Ricky
Gervais's extras, came to light. The episode where Ricky
Gervais was making a  point that having a celeb guest star
in a sitcom is a sign that the sitcom has Jumped the Shark.

I'm not sure how Modern Family will play his appearance,
if it's a ode to Extras, or even handled in a different way than
a sitcoms usual  "Guest Star playing himself" then it might
work, but unfortunately it would seem, it may be one of
those shows that Gervais was having a go at.

For myself, this would be a huge shame for Modern Family,
a show that was describe as cutting edge, a show that was
different, to use such a cheesy sitcom tactic is an insult to
the viewer.

Modern Family has been better this season than the previous
two, and it's fanbase takes the show seriously, but if the Chris
Martin episode is a bad one, I'm calling it,  despite being
renewed, Modern Family wont have a tenth season.

It will have well and truly Jumped that Shark, and even the
most diehad fan will be extremely disappointed, to a point
that's it unforgivable.

Here's hoping  the episode will work, Modern Family deserves
to still be making great episodes.

Time will tell.

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