Thursday, May 5, 2016

Modern Family: Season 7 Episode 20 Review 'Promproposal'

A funny funny episode, ten out of ten, once again
spoiled by the  Disney theme of boys must date
out of their league and girls must date below their league.

Below is part of a post I did on April 7th.

What I'm talking about is what they deem to be success
for a young male and for a female in search of love.

Luke and Manny are nerds, they arent attractive, yet it
would appear they always get the hot girl, and the hot girl
is always good for them, the stories are written like, this
is what success should be for a young teen male.

Yet the two main young female actresses, well success for
them is to not to date the hot guy, but to infact date way way
below their league.


So why is Modern family doing this? Why are they falling
into the kinda creepy Disney trap of making boys being more
successful and making success about how good looking your
girlfriend is, but doing the exact opposite for the girls?

Can someone tell me? Or am I reading too much into it??


Are the male writers living out some sort of unfulfilled fantasy?
Just think about it, there is no way Modern Family will have Luke or
Manny dating a girl that is unattractive, but they have no problem
with Hayley or Alex dating a boy that is unattractive?


Is this some sort of weird sexism???

Personally I think its kinda ruin the show. 
Again, Modern Family did the same theme tonight, the
hot girl asked out Manny and the hot girl  said yes to
Luke. Yet Alex ended up with Ruben, the Nerd.

There is no way that this series will ever have Manny and
Luke date a girl that is overweight or unattractive and that
is disgusting and it's sexist and it's ruining the show for me.

Just for once, I would love to see Manny or Luke hook
up with a nice girl that isn't considered to be hot, but
this is Disney "an elite boys club" and it anit ever
going to happen.

What a horrible message to all teenagers.

Other than that the show was funny, but boy oh boy
it's going to wreck the legacy of the show.

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