Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Biggest Upset in Proffesional CLUB Sports History

Well done to Leicester City.

Surly this has to be one of the biggest sporting
upsets in Professional sports history.

In terms of a proffesional club competition, I
cant think of one bigger.  A team at 5000 to
1, wins the EPL, simply Brilliant.

World Cups, and Olympics, have seen there fare
share.  The Miracle on Ice, NewZealand men's
Basketball team making the semi final of the
Basketball Champs come to mind.

In terms of  a club comp, this has has to be number one,
and not just a club comp, but the EPL.

I hope the fans are still celebrating, and I hope the
players and coaching staff, and all those involved
are celebrating.

They deserve this.

Well done!

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