Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Open Letter to TVNZ About their Olympic Coverage

Dear TVNZ sports Journalists.

I understand you will be sending a full team
to cover the Olympics, even though Sky has
the rights to show the events.

I hope Andrew Saville and Jack Tame,
cover the Olympics with the respect it
deserves, and more so, with accurate
reporting on what the world's media is
focused on.

Here is what the public doesnt want to
see and hear.

Please don't lie and tell us that the Rugby
Sevens is the most popular sport in the

Please don't lie and say it's Rugby mania
in the Olympic village, and the Sevens player's
are the world's superstars.

Please don't lie and say, Usain Bolt, Kevin Durant,
Michael Phelps and the other
International sports stars are in awe
of the New Zealand sevens team.

Please don't lie and say, most the
world's media is focused on Rugby
and nothing else.

If your interviewing a Kiwi Cyclist,
a rower, a swimmer, our track and
field team, please ask them questions
about THEIR events, not if they
saw the Rugby Sevens.

If your interviewing an overseas
sports person, please ask them
about THEIR events, and not if
they like Rugby.

Do your research (Yes I'm talking to
you Saville) if your interviewing a
a sprinter, ask them questions where
the public might learn something they
don't know.

Yes I know Sevens is going to be a
big part of the Olympics for KIWIS.
But the Olympics is also big for kiwis
who like the GLOBAL SPORTS,
and once every four years we get this
with the Olympics.

So my fingers and toes are crossed, but
because of past coverage, I'm not holding
out much hope.

Please prove me wrong.

Time will tell.

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