Thursday, May 12, 2016

An Open Letter to 350 Aotearoa

(UPDATE: The group 350 Aotearoa will now
allow the elderly to enter the store, congrats to
them for that)
An Open letter to 350 Aotearoa.

We all agree that Climate change is real.

We all agree that Banks should support Business
that are kind to the environment.

We all believe 100% in the right to protest.

We all believe taking up a cause to help the

But what those handful of protestors did in
Dunedin was downright disgusting.

This wasn't standing your ground, this wasn't
making a point, it wasn't standing up for what
you believe in.

It was self righteous, Narcissistic, over inflated
sense of morality, it's the type of old time protest,
the type I expect from a middle age man who went
straight from high school, to teacher's college, to
teaching at a University, but has never travelled or
even own a passport.

I'm sure you will all be celebrating yourselves , but that
was repugnant. Several elderly people tried to walk into
the bank, you could see this one poor lady struggling,
but of course not one your protesters moved, you
continue to laugh and talk, like she wasn't even there.

Thankfully she didnt fall, but how do you think she felt.

Again, this wasnt standing up for yourself at the picketline.

This was purely a case of Narcissism.

But hey you guys know all about life huh.

Next time, I hope there is a rather large gentlemen
following the lady into the bank, I'm kinda guessing
you will move then.

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