Thursday, April 21, 2016

Steven Adams Will Bounce Back

0.1 of a second. That is what stopped Kiwi Basketball player
Steven Adams from getting the game winning shot against,
the Dallas Mavericks.

How heart breaking is that, it would've been his first
buzzer beater of his NBA career, the ref's counted
at first, then after checking the video reply he was
denied in the most cruelest  of fashion.

Steven Adams will bounce back though, he is one
hell of a player, there is a reason he was drafted in the
number ten spot after playing a season for Pitt.

All kiwis should get behind him, he is playing the second
most competitive team sport on the planet, all other
sports are light years behind, despite what the New Zealand
media may think.

So what does the Thunder have to do to win game three on the
road. Well Durant has to shoot well, he wont repeat the horrible
performance of game two.

Adams himself will be so fired up, I'm expecting a lot of boards
from  him in game three, I think it's a safe bet to say a double
double may be on the cards, of course Dirk has other ideas.

Now is the time for Steven to shine, this is the NBA,
the greatest sports league in the world bar none, and there
is a kiwi who may get to dictate what will happen.

This is something that all NewZealanders can get behind.

Can he do it?

Time will tell.

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