Friday, April 22, 2016

RIP: Gazza

RIP Gazza.

The New Zealand police dog who was shot by the Fugitive
Peter Rangi Keri, has now died.

Gazza hasd spent three years with the NZ police, and
last year caught a burglar who tried to strangle him.

Thoughts are with Gazza's handler, and the NZ police force.

Dogs are truly man's best friend, extremely loyal and will
protect those who need to be protected.

A sad day for the NZ police, and a sad day for animal
lovers everywhere.



Meagan Kerr said...

Oh what sad news, RIP Gazza

Brett Dale said...

The Poor dog. Hate hearing about stuff like this. His handler must be

Suzy said...

Yes that was very sad. RIP Gazza.
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