Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Zealand Herald: 'Shes Got Game' Series

The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand's leading
newspaper is doing a series of reports on Women's

This blogger thinks its about time too.

Women's sport doesn't get a  fair deal in this country,
unless you play Netball or Rugby Sevens or your name
is Lydia Ko.

There is one sport that is the second most competitive
team sport on earth, and we have our National Team
in that sport about to try and qualify for the Olympics,
they've never gotten any amount of significant coverage
from the  media, they're the Tall Ferns and they play, Basketball.

I find it quite ironic, that the New Zealand Herald's piece
is called 'shegotgame' a saying taken from Basketball, yet
that is a sport that our Women's team has had such an
obscene lack of coverage.

There is hope, a  tweet sent out from a  NewZealand
Jounro on Twitter said the Tall Ferns will be part of the
agenda, and I should hope so.

It's hard to explain to non Basketball people, how huge
the sport of Women's Basketball is globally, it's just not
a Commenwealth sport or played seriously just  by a few
countries. To be successful at Women's basketball
internationally,  is just so so difficult because of the
amount of countries that play it, and  the near Billions
that are poured into the game, The Tall Ferns get no
funding from HPSNZ and that is a outrage.

Then wealth of opportunities that playing
Basketball can give young women is
amazing, from College Scholarships,
to the WNBA, to the proffesional leagues
in Europe, Asia, South America, the

Our young Kiwi women should be told of
the superstars that play the game, like
Brittney Griner and Breanna Stewart,
they should also be made aware of our
own Kiwi Stars like Kalani Purcell and
Erin Rooney.

It's only then, that our young players will
have someone to look up too and inspire
to be.

I'm hoping this article by the New Zealand
Herald, when it comes time for the Herald
to do their piece, will mention these things,
 because we have a great great for Women in this
 country and it's called Basketball.

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