Sunday, April 24, 2016

'Line of Duty' Season 3: 'Episode 5' Review

No need to lose your head over things, Lindsay Denton.

The most hated woman on TV has been killed off.

Denton is one of those characters that you don't love
to hate, you just hate.

Sure the money was going to be used to catch the
bad guys, but she still is a cold calculating witch. 

Thanks to the  Caddy, 'Dot Cotton' who decided
for once and for all he better stop Denton before she
can hit send on her cell phone and send the list to

Just a split  second too late, Dot, just a split second to late.

Now we have young 'Steve Arnott' being fitted up as the
Caddy, we have 'Ted Hastings' who seems to be in trouble
thanks to a couple of handshakes and the only person who
can piece this all together is the ever composed 'Kate Fleming'

It also appears fans of the first two seasons will get the wrap up
they want from season three.

Not sure what Dot Cotton's best course of action will be now?

First he has bits and pieces from the ruthless, Lindsay Denton to
scrap off his car, (false plates or not) but what next?

One Episode to go!

I can't wait.


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