Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beyonce & Garth Brooks: Two Different Approaches from the Album Artists

Let me make one thing clear.

In music the Album is king. Nothing
comes close to the Album.

No matter what Technology there is out
there, nothing is better than holding a
physical copy of a album.

Justin Bieber may have the most followers
on youtube. One Direction may have the
most followers on Instagram. Taylor Swift
may have the most followers on Twitter.

But it's the Album that Matters.

Two artist's have always respected the Album, those
artists are Beyonce and Garth Brooks.

One is taking the Right approach in terms of an
Album, one is making many mistakes and seems
to be stuck in a time wrap.

What Beyonce has done is nothing short of Brilliant,
it's on a level with Bowie or Prince. It's not just the whole
concept of the album, it's her teaming with the right
Partners, it's having the foresight to know that you
don't do  a cheap public buildup, you can just drop an
Album on the public, without them knowing one was

You have a TV special that isn't run of the Mill, you
create a piece of work that will memorize people,
that will get them to think, that will truly open your
soul up to the public and have a message.

You then take the top companies on the Planet,
and make it available that people can stream the

Then and more importantly a week or two later you
make the  Album available to download from the world's
biggest site and then most importantly you make a physical
copy available.

The music will take care of itself, if it's genuis, it will

This is what Beyonce has done and hats off her for it.

Then we have Garth Brooks.

An artist who's world tour is selling more tickets than
any other artist on the Planet, an Artist who dominated
the 90's on Radio and at retail, and a artist who's comeback
has been filled with so many unforced errors, if he was a
Basketball coach, he would be coaching a division 3 side.

First there is the delay because  of a fried Phone. Garth lost his  music
 on a phone that he fried.

Then there is the announcements of announcing other announcements
coming up.

Then the biggest Gaff of all, Ghost Tunes, the biggest disaster  since
New Coke, Garth had actually thought this company was going
to rival ITunes, not even close, there are download sites from
Albania that are doing better.

Then he decided that youtube was the devil, and he has taken
down scores and scores of videos from fans, filming him in

When he released the brilliant album Man against Machine,
(the anti Bro Country) as I called it, he pulled all marketing
because of the protests happening around the country at
the time.

He also made the mistake of releasing the two weakest
singles, and then nothing else.  People had expected a double
album for his comeback, the Album itself only had 14 songs.

Now we have another delay for the new album, (it was due for
release in mid 2015) This album may not be released this year.

He's made another annoucement, saying he's going bring
in the fans on the construction of the album from song
writing sessions and recording on Facebook.

This should have the music world excited, but it also
should have his fans worried, because it might end being

Garth Brooks has such a huge and important body of
work, but he's lacking that one Career album that will
earn him universal respect.  I wish the Album that
he is working on will be a concept album, something
like Beyonce's that open's him up to what he is feeling,
he's already got a handful of brilliant albums with
amazing country music, but it's the Country Concept
Album that could take him to a whole different level.

Garth has to release though, to do this, you need the
right partners in Music, and Ghost Tunes, Facebook videos,
delays after delays, no streaming isn't going to cut it in 2016.

The music will always take care of itself, if he has the
courage to do a concept album, he also needs to have
enough commonsense to do it the RIGHT way.

In terms of his comeback so far, he hasn't come close.

Here's hoping he will.

Time will tell.

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