Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alstrom Syndrome

Hello, I have copied and paste this post from the
following website. Please visit this website to learn
and help with a cure for this disease.

The mission of Alstrom Syndrome International (ASI) is:
To provide support, information, and coordination world
-wide to families and professionals in order to treat and
cure Alstrom Syndrome. Alstrom Syndrome is a rare
genetic disorder that affects children from birth. They
 will become blind, hearing impaired, and suffer from
 diabetes as well as enduring multiple organ failure,
including the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Alstrom Syndrome affects children of all nationalities and ethnicities.
There is no cure yet for Alstrom Syndrome, so physicians
and researchers are working to better understand the
complexities of how the "Alstrom gene" works, and
 to develop better treatments for the multitude of problems
 faced by children with this syndrome. The main program
areas of Alstrom Syndrome International are Research,
 Education, and Family Support. Through its extensive
 contact with families, physicians, and researchers,
 ASI is building a solid core of knowledge and understanding
 about Alstrom Syndrome.

One of the main goals of ASI is to promote, encourage,
and contribute to medical research for better treatments
 and therapies, while remaining focused on an eventua
l cure for Alstrom Syndrome. International Conferences
make it possible for families, care givers, and professionals
 to hear current information on Alstrom Syndrome presented
 by experts on the Syndrome. They offer a unique setting for
 mutual sharing and support. Conferences provide families
 with individual consultation, workshops, and countless
 opportunities to meet and socialize with others, including
 professionals. Each conference incorporates a "research
clinic" where data is collected that can be shared with
 professionals around the world. The ASI Scientific
Advisory Board ,a caring group of specialists, is 'on-call'
to offer help regarding health, development, and education
issues. Contacting the foundation office can access these
 professionals. Educational materials focus on pertinent
 issues and concerns related to Alstrom Syndrome.

The Family Packet includes information on such matters as the
 complex clinical features of Alstrom Syndrome, what is
 known about the ALMS1 gene, and provides a compilation
of medical information on Alstrom Syndrome.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Congratulations to Garth Brooks, he has become the first
artist to win 7 Diamond awards. Garth Brooks was
previously tied with The Beatles who have six Diamond

The Diamond Award is given to artists who's albums have
sold ten million copies or more in the USA.

It is fitting that an artist who has been so kind to the album,
over the decades achieve this. While other artists seem
to care about singles that  can be downloaded thru digital
media, or how many twitter followers they have, Garth
has taken care of the music.

It's a wonderful moment for us lovers of the album, to
have an artist achieve this.

It's wonderful for country music to have a country artist achieve this

A historic day for Garth Brooks and country music and music in general.

Garth's current tour which has his the Five Million in ticket sales, is on
track to become the biggest attended tour in History, has a busy few
months ahead, with a new studio album planned and other projects
coming up.

With this award tonight, Garth's place in music history has been cemented
 and deservedly so.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Sunday, July 3, 2016


Goodbye to Blogging forever.

Monday, June 13, 2016

People Lined up to Give Blood

Humanity Wins.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Thoughts with the People of Orlando

Thoughts go out to the victims and their family and

Stay Strong Orlando.

Saturday, June 4, 2016



Monday, May 30, 2016

"The Space Between us" The Most Boring Pathetic Movie in History?

The Space between us.

The US version due for release in August,  will
have to be the most boring pathetic movie ever

I've only seen the trailer and I despise this movie
than the TV show "Super Fun Night".

There have been some BS movies in the past, but
seriously this should win the Oscar for the biggest
BS in History.

Steven Spielberg wouldn't even do a movie like
this, and hes been making BS for year.

So what do we have, a spunky 16 year old kid,
born on Mars, but now headed back to earth,
has fallen in love with a girl on the internet.

But his heart will only work on mars, so does this girl go
to back to mars with him.


I bet there's a lot of mean adults who don't understand
their love and will try and stop them.

I also bet once again, they're Disney teens, hand holding,
maybe a kiss on the lips. (No Tongue this is PG 13)

Movies like this, make me ill, they shouldn't be allowed to
exist. I bet the studio is pumping millions into adverts like
"The Feel Good Summer Movie of the year"

Please don't see this movie.  Again it's more disgraceful
than "Super Fun Night" Hell it's worse than the last 12
Adam Sandler movies put together.

I hope the master copy gets burned and it never sees the
light of day.

The movie world should be so lucky though.

We are stuck with this BS.

Hope it Bombs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Open Letter to TVNZ About their Olympic Coverage

Dear TVNZ sports Journalists.

I understand you will be sending a full team
to cover the Olympics, even though Sky has
the rights to show the events.

I hope Andrew Saville and Jack Tame,
cover the Olympics with the respect it
deserves, and more so, with accurate
reporting on what the world's media is
focused on.

Here is what the public doesnt want to
see and hear.

Please don't lie and tell us that the Rugby
Sevens is the most popular sport in the

Please don't lie and say it's Rugby mania
in the Olympic village, and the Sevens player's
are the world's superstars.

Please don't lie and say, Usain Bolt, Kevin Durant,
Michael Phelps and the other
International sports stars are in awe
of the New Zealand sevens team.

Please don't lie and say, most the
world's media is focused on Rugby
and nothing else.

If your interviewing a Kiwi Cyclist,
a rower, a swimmer, our track and
field team, please ask them questions
about THEIR events, not if they
saw the Rugby Sevens.

If your interviewing an overseas
sports person, please ask them
about THEIR events, and not if
they like Rugby.

Do your research (Yes I'm talking to
you Saville) if your interviewing a
a sprinter, ask them questions where
the public might learn something they
don't know.

Yes I know Sevens is going to be a
big part of the Olympics for KIWIS.
But the Olympics is also big for kiwis
who like the GLOBAL SPORTS,
and once every four years we get this
with the Olympics.

So my fingers and toes are crossed, but
because of past coverage, I'm not holding
out much hope.

Please prove me wrong.

Time will tell.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

An Open Letter to 350 Aotearoa

(UPDATE: The group 350 Aotearoa will now
allow the elderly to enter the store, congrats to
them for that)
An Open letter to 350 Aotearoa.

We all agree that Climate change is real.

We all agree that Banks should support Business
that are kind to the environment.

We all believe 100% in the right to protest.

We all believe taking up a cause to help the

But what those handful of protestors did in
Dunedin was downright disgusting.

This wasn't standing your ground, this wasn't
making a point, it wasn't standing up for what
you believe in.

It was self righteous, Narcissistic, over inflated
sense of morality, it's the type of old time protest,
the type I expect from a middle age man who went
straight from high school, to teacher's college, to
teaching at a University, but has never travelled or
even own a passport.

I'm sure you will all be celebrating yourselves , but that
was repugnant. Several elderly people tried to walk into
the bank, you could see this one poor lady struggling,
but of course not one your protesters moved, you
continue to laugh and talk, like she wasn't even there.

Thankfully she didnt fall, but how do you think she felt.

Again, this wasnt standing up for yourself at the picketline.

This was purely a case of Narcissism.

But hey you guys know all about life huh.

Next time, I hope there is a rather large gentlemen
following the lady into the bank, I'm kinda guessing
you will move then.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Danny Morrison: Blackface

Of all the stupid, racist ideas that people can have,
why is Blackface one of them?

Here is Danny Morrison an Ex New Zealand
cricketer, now commentator for the IPL,
thinking it's funny to dress up as a Hindu.

I'm kinda guessing he also put on a fake
Indian accent, thinking it was funny.

Did he think twice before doing this?

Did his bosses have a wee word with him
before him?

Did he think how freakin insulting and dumb it

Was he still stuck in some sort of time warp,
with the sense of humour of  a 11 year old

His supporters will scream, "It's just PC gone

No it's not PC gone mad, it's disgraceful that a
person in the year 2016 would think this is

It's not the least bit clever or funny.

I hope the sports media in New Zealand,
speaks out against this.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Modern Family: Season 7 Episode 20 Review 'Promproposal'

A funny funny episode, ten out of ten, once again
spoiled by the  Disney theme of boys must date
out of their league and girls must date below their league.

Below is part of a post I did on April 7th.

What I'm talking about is what they deem to be success
for a young male and for a female in search of love.

Luke and Manny are nerds, they arent attractive, yet it
would appear they always get the hot girl, and the hot girl
is always good for them, the stories are written like, this
is what success should be for a young teen male.

Yet the two main young female actresses, well success for
them is to not to date the hot guy, but to infact date way way
below their league.


So why is Modern family doing this? Why are they falling
into the kinda creepy Disney trap of making boys being more
successful and making success about how good looking your
girlfriend is, but doing the exact opposite for the girls?

Can someone tell me? Or am I reading too much into it??


Are the male writers living out some sort of unfulfilled fantasy?
Just think about it, there is no way Modern Family will have Luke or
Manny dating a girl that is unattractive, but they have no problem
with Hayley or Alex dating a boy that is unattractive?


Is this some sort of weird sexism???

Personally I think its kinda ruin the show. 
Again, Modern Family did the same theme tonight, the
hot girl asked out Manny and the hot girl  said yes to
Luke. Yet Alex ended up with Ruben, the Nerd.

There is no way that this series will ever have Manny and
Luke date a girl that is overweight or unattractive and that
is disgusting and it's sexist and it's ruining the show for me.

Just for once, I would love to see Manny or Luke hook
up with a nice girl that isn't considered to be hot, but
this is Disney "an elite boys club" and it anit ever
going to happen.

What a horrible message to all teenagers.

Other than that the show was funny, but boy oh boy
it's going to wreck the legacy of the show.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ted Cruz is Gone

Today is a day to celebrate around the world.

The biggest threat to Gay and Lesbian and Transgender
rights, has been defeated.

The biggest threat to peace has been defeated.

The biggest threat to woman's rights has been defeated.

The biggest threat to  climate change has been defeated.

The biggest threat to Choice has been defeated.

The biggest threat to Health Care has been defeated.

The biggest threat to common decency has been defeated.

The biggest threat to civil rights has been defeated.

Ted Cruz is the  most dangerous
politician alive today.

His hatred for anyone who isn't a straight male
Christian is beyond belief.

His views on the gay community, his views on woman,
his views on rape, his views on teens, belongs in the
middle ages not 2016.

Ted Cruz would've been the first person to burn a
person at the stake in the middle ages for being a witch.

I guarantee you, right now he is blaming his PR team,
the public, the media for his defeat.

Worst of all, he will be blaming his wife and his kids for
not supporting him enough.

That so called accidental elbow and punch after his
defeat today, would've been purposely done, he
needed someone to take out his frustrations on.

This Narcissist, self righteous, privileged, sense of entitlement
he has, just makes my skin crawl.

Bible in one hand, preaching to his followers, how decent he is,
well Ted Cruz, a decent person don't have such hate in
them for anyone who is different.

The mental gymnastics that the religious right must do to
support him  is staggering.

So we are now left with Trump versus Hillary.

The world is hoping that it's Hillary.

I'm hoping that it's Hillary.

The first Woman president will be an amazing

Fingers and toes are crossed.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Biggest Upset in Proffesional CLUB Sports History

Well done to Leicester City.

Surly this has to be one of the biggest sporting
upsets in Professional sports history.

In terms of a proffesional club competition, I
cant think of one bigger.  A team at 5000 to
1, wins the EPL, simply Brilliant.

World Cups, and Olympics, have seen there fare
share.  The Miracle on Ice, NewZealand men's
Basketball team making the semi final of the
Basketball Champs come to mind.

In terms of  a club comp, this has has to be number one,
and not just a club comp, but the EPL.

I hope the fans are still celebrating, and I hope the
players and coaching staff, and all those involved
are celebrating.

They deserve this.

Well done!

Steven Adams: Game Two

Every Kiwi must of loved this.

Game two of the Conference Semi Finals, The Thunder
needing the win, after losing Game one.

Spurs passes the Ball to their Aussie player Patty Mills,
wide open for three, and as takes the shot, THE BIG
KIWI, Steven Adams comes from no where and makes
the little Aussie throw up a air ball.

Adams tried to get back to the loose ball, but was hold
back by a fan. Didn't matter though, because the Thunder won!

He had 17 Rebounds in the game, and 12 points,
but it was his heart and his courage that won the
game for the Thunder tonight.

Let that be a lesson to all Aussies, you never
try to get one over a Kiwi, you just cant win.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Jesse Watters: A.K.A 'Ambush Guy' gets Taste Of Own Medicine

The creepiest guy in Journalism today, Fox
News's Jesse Watters got a taste of his own
Medicine at the after party of the White House
correspondence dinner.

The Huffington Post's, Ryan Grim noticed, Jesse
and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

You see Jesse Watters in the guy who is known for
Ambush reporting, he will chase people down the street,
chase them into elevators, stick a camera in their face and
falsely accuse them of all sorts of crimes.

He also edits his ACTUAL interviews in a way to spin
the story so it suits the political Ideology of Fox and makes
the interviewee look bad.

He is extremely Narcissistic and self righteous, worse of
all he is passive aggressive, always smirking when he
is bullying, the people he bullies are normally, people
who dont  fight back, Homeless, Transgender,the poor
and minorities.

Well Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post decided to give
him a taste of what it's like to be bullied.

He noticed Jesse Watters, so he  decided to take out his cell
phone and he started  filming  Jesse, the hypocrisy of Jesse
was that he shouldn't be filmed, so he stole Ryan's phone
and wouldnt give it back, a scuffle broke out, punches
were thrown.

The mental Gymnastics that Jesse Watters must do, to
think he can bully people for so, but when someone tries
to film him, that is wrong????

How can one person be so far away from reality, be so
thin skinned?, but I guess it's not a point of being thin
skinned, it's being so so self righteous to a point that
you think your well, for lack of a better phrase above
the Law.

Watter's will go on  Bill Oreilly and the spin will
start there. 

But the fact that this guy is allowed to do what he's
done for so so long it's a disgrace.

He will never be self aware, he believes he has
privilege and will be allowed  to continue his

And that is disgusting.

I guess that is why Fox News Loves him.

Decent people dont though. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Zealand Herald: 'Shes Got Game' Series

The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand's leading
newspaper is doing a series of reports on Women's

This blogger thinks its about time too.

Women's sport doesn't get a  fair deal in this country,
unless you play Netball or Rugby Sevens or your name
is Lydia Ko.

There is one sport that is the second most competitive
team sport on earth, and we have our National Team
in that sport about to try and qualify for the Olympics,
they've never gotten any amount of significant coverage
from the  media, they're the Tall Ferns and they play, Basketball.

I find it quite ironic, that the New Zealand Herald's piece
is called 'shegotgame' a saying taken from Basketball, yet
that is a sport that our Women's team has had such an
obscene lack of coverage.

There is hope, a  tweet sent out from a  NewZealand
Jounro on Twitter said the Tall Ferns will be part of the
agenda, and I should hope so.

It's hard to explain to non Basketball people, how huge
the sport of Women's Basketball is globally, it's just not
a Commenwealth sport or played seriously just  by a few
countries. To be successful at Women's basketball
internationally,  is just so so difficult because of the
amount of countries that play it, and  the near Billions
that are poured into the game, The Tall Ferns get no
funding from HPSNZ and that is a outrage.

Then wealth of opportunities that playing
Basketball can give young women is
amazing, from College Scholarships,
to the WNBA, to the proffesional leagues
in Europe, Asia, South America, the

Our young Kiwi women should be told of
the superstars that play the game, like
Brittney Griner and Breanna Stewart,
they should also be made aware of our
own Kiwi Stars like Kalani Purcell and
Erin Rooney.

It's only then, that our young players will
have someone to look up too and inspire
to be.

I'm hoping this article by the New Zealand
Herald, when it comes time for the Herald
to do their piece, will mention these things,
 because we have a great great for Women in this
 country and it's called Basketball.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beyonce & Garth Brooks: Two Different Approaches from the Album Artists

Let me make one thing clear.

In music the Album is king. Nothing
comes close to the Album.

No matter what Technology there is out
there, nothing is better than holding a
physical copy of a album.

Justin Bieber may have the most followers
on youtube. One Direction may have the
most followers on Instagram. Taylor Swift
may have the most followers on Twitter.

But it's the Album that Matters.

Two artist's have always respected the Album, those
artists are Beyonce and Garth Brooks.

One is taking the Right approach in terms of an
Album, one is making many mistakes and seems
to be stuck in a time wrap.

What Beyonce has done is nothing short of Brilliant,
it's on a level with Bowie or Prince. It's not just the whole
concept of the album, it's her teaming with the right
Partners, it's having the foresight to know that you
don't do  a cheap public buildup, you can just drop an
Album on the public, without them knowing one was

You have a TV special that isn't run of the Mill, you
create a piece of work that will memorize people,
that will get them to think, that will truly open your
soul up to the public and have a message.

You then take the top companies on the Planet,
and make it available that people can stream the

Then and more importantly a week or two later you
make the  Album available to download from the world's
biggest site and then most importantly you make a physical
copy available.

The music will take care of itself, if it's genuis, it will

This is what Beyonce has done and hats off her for it.

Then we have Garth Brooks.

An artist who's world tour is selling more tickets than
any other artist on the Planet, an Artist who dominated
the 90's on Radio and at retail, and a artist who's comeback
has been filled with so many unforced errors, if he was a
Basketball coach, he would be coaching a division 3 side.

First there is the delay because  of a fried Phone. Garth lost his  music
 on a phone that he fried.

Then there is the announcements of announcing other announcements
coming up.

Then the biggest Gaff of all, Ghost Tunes, the biggest disaster  since
New Coke, Garth had actually thought this company was going
to rival ITunes, not even close, there are download sites from
Albania that are doing better.

Then he decided that youtube was the devil, and he has taken
down scores and scores of videos from fans, filming him in

When he released the brilliant album Man against Machine,
(the anti Bro Country) as I called it, he pulled all marketing
because of the protests happening around the country at
the time.

He also made the mistake of releasing the two weakest
singles, and then nothing else.  People had expected a double
album for his comeback, the Album itself only had 14 songs.

Now we have another delay for the new album, (it was due for
release in mid 2015) This album may not be released this year.

He's made another annoucement, saying he's going bring
in the fans on the construction of the album from song
writing sessions and recording on Facebook.

This should have the music world excited, but it also
should have his fans worried, because it might end being

Garth Brooks has such a huge and important body of
work, but he's lacking that one Career album that will
earn him universal respect.  I wish the Album that
he is working on will be a concept album, something
like Beyonce's that open's him up to what he is feeling,
he's already got a handful of brilliant albums with
amazing country music, but it's the Country Concept
Album that could take him to a whole different level.

Garth has to release though, to do this, you need the
right partners in Music, and Ghost Tunes, Facebook videos,
delays after delays, no streaming isn't going to cut it in 2016.

The music will always take care of itself, if he has the
courage to do a concept album, he also needs to have
enough commonsense to do it the RIGHT way.

In terms of his comeback so far, he hasn't come close.

Here's hoping he will.

Time will tell.

Monday, April 25, 2016

'Nelson Giants' Lose to 'Canterbury Rams'

The Nelson Giants have lost to the Canterbury Rams
by 96-85 after one of the worst coached Third Quarters
in NBL history.

The Nelson Giants are now 6-6 and struggling to be
in playoff contention, while the Canterbury Rams
move to 7-4 and are looking good.

Make no mistake, the game was lost for four  reasons.

1: Coach Tim 'Ten Hands'  Fanning who decided the
best option in the third quarter would be to make sure
all five players touch the ball, and no one would shoot
until there was four seconds left on the shot clock. Well
a shot clock anit compulsory Tim. You dont have to
use all 24 seconds before you shoot.

2: Transition Defense. Ya Gotta get back, so many
layups for the rams was because no one got back on

3: Raymond Cowels 111  was amazing, 34 points,
he was all heart, but with around 2.30 on the clock
when Nelson had cut it to six, he hesistated and didn't
shoot for three. That moment ended Nelson's comeback.

4: Nelson played with heart for the first half, but what
summed up their second half performance was a cheap
foul by the Rams near the end of the game and none
of the Nelson team reacted, they should've been all
over the Refs and the Rams players on that one.

So it's do or die time this Saturday, if the Giants don't
win, their playoffs chances might as well be over, a win
and it's back on!!

My fingers are crossed, Time will tell.

Footnote: It was Phil Jones's 400th game. The
most by any NBL Player.

Well done!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

'Line of Duty' Season 3: 'Episode 5' Review

No need to lose your head over things, Lindsay Denton.

The most hated woman on TV has been killed off.

Denton is one of those characters that you don't love
to hate, you just hate.

Sure the money was going to be used to catch the
bad guys, but she still is a cold calculating witch. 

Thanks to the  Caddy, 'Dot Cotton' who decided
for once and for all he better stop Denton before she
can hit send on her cell phone and send the list to

Just a split  second too late, Dot, just a split second to late.

Now we have young 'Steve Arnott' being fitted up as the
Caddy, we have 'Ted Hastings' who seems to be in trouble
thanks to a couple of handshakes and the only person who
can piece this all together is the ever composed 'Kate Fleming'

It also appears fans of the first two seasons will get the wrap up
they want from season three.

Not sure what Dot Cotton's best course of action will be now?

First he has bits and pieces from the ruthless, Lindsay Denton to
scrap off his car, (false plates or not) but what next?

One Episode to go!

I can't wait.


New Zealand: How we do 'The Big OE' Wrong

Kiwis are often told, that we are the World's best
travelers, mainly by our own media, report after
report in the print media, in  the online media and
on Television and Radio all say the same thing,
New Zealander's are the world's best travelers,
and no one does 'The Big OE' like Kiwis.

Well I tend to to disagree, I think Kiwis are the
world's worst travelers, not all Kiwis of course,
but the ones who tend to mouth off the most
about how they are so well traveled, but when
you hear their stories, it doesn't seem like they traveled
at all.

I'm not of course talking about Kiwis who may spend
a year or two traveling thru Africa thru various organizations,
or going to college in the USA, or tramping thru South America,
or getting cultured in Asia or the Middle East.

I'm not talking about the Kiwis who may spend thier time
working their butt's off in Europe somewhere and on their
days off, going where the Euro rail will take them, having
experiences that will last them for the rest of their life's

The people who do it wrong, are the Kiwis who are most
likely to tell you, they're the ones that are doing it right.

They're the people who as soon as they arrive in
London, will head straight to the New Zealand/Australian
district, will put on their 'NZ Rugby' shirt, order a
steinlager and spend the majority of their two years
in England hanging out with other Kiwis, watching
Rugby, drinking NZ Beer, eating "Weetbix"

What a horrible 'OE' that must be, how it can be
called an Overseas Experience is beyond me, travelling
to the other end of the world, to do exacetly what you
do in New Zealand is not an Overseas Experience.

What memories do you create for yourself??

That you drank beer in a bar with other kiwis?

You watched a Rugby game?

The thing that gets me, these are the type of people
who would ripped into a person who actually got
to see Europe, the Real Europe.

The media can't wash their hands of this, whenever
their is footage and talk of how Kiwi's travel, these
are the guys they show.

My advice to any Kiwi doing 'The Big OE' and
being based in London is, "Your doing this for
a experience you cant get in New Zealand, stay away
from Kiwi centered places and Kiwi's, get to know the
local's, buy yourself a Euro Rail pass, and just go out
and explore.

Here's hoping more and more young Kiwis will do this.

Time will tell.

Friday, April 22, 2016

RIP: Gazza

RIP Gazza.

The New Zealand police dog who was shot by the Fugitive
Peter Rangi Keri, has now died.

Gazza hasd spent three years with the NZ police, and
last year caught a burglar who tried to strangle him.

Thoughts are with Gazza's handler, and the NZ police force.

Dogs are truly man's best friend, extremely loyal and will
protect those who need to be protected.

A sad day for the NZ police, and a sad day for animal
lovers everywhere.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Southland Sharks: Do the walk of life

Make that the Travel of life.

Worst performance by any NBL ref in History.

How the Southland Sharks were allowed to travel
for the whole game is beyond me.

In future hope the refs know you cant dribble the ball on the
ground and then pass it, I hope the Refs know you cant
pass the ball in the air and catch it yourself and you
certainly arent allowed to run with the ball to the bucket.

How did they miss this? What were they thinking??
The Nelson Giants season is now on the line,
thanks to the pathetic display by the refs.

Sure Nelson turned the ball over a few times, and sure
they tried to shoot over Seven Foot Pledger, but any
team in any league in the world, will have there heads
drop if a team is allowed to travel the way the Southland
Sharks did.

The Giants now have to regroup, for the Canterbury
Rams, a team that dominated the mid 80's to early

Heres hoping  They can bounce back because what
happened to them tonight was criminal.

Steven Adams Will Bounce Back

0.1 of a second. That is what stopped Kiwi Basketball player
Steven Adams from getting the game winning shot against,
the Dallas Mavericks.

How heart breaking is that, it would've been his first
buzzer beater of his NBA career, the ref's counted
at first, then after checking the video reply he was
denied in the most cruelest  of fashion.

Steven Adams will bounce back though, he is one
hell of a player, there is a reason he was drafted in the
number ten spot after playing a season for Pitt.

All kiwis should get behind him, he is playing the second
most competitive team sport on the planet, all other
sports are light years behind, despite what the New Zealand
media may think.

So what does the Thunder have to do to win game three on the
road. Well Durant has to shoot well, he wont repeat the horrible
performance of game two.

Adams himself will be so fired up, I'm expecting a lot of boards
from  him in game three, I think it's a safe bet to say a double
double may be on the cards, of course Dirk has other ideas.

Now is the time for Steven to shine, this is the NBA,
the greatest sports league in the world bar none, and there
is a kiwi who may get to dictate what will happen.

This is something that all NewZealanders can get behind.

Can he do it?

Time will tell.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Better Call Saul: Season 2 Finale

There is a reason why Slate Magazine called
Better Call Saul a better show than Breaking
Bad and that is because it's a better show.

The Finale lived up to what I expected, no one
glued to their tv sets would've been disappointed
where to begin?

Well let me just say.

Fuck Chuck.

You egomaniac, it's always been about you, and you
proving that your superior than your little brother, you
acted nuts and fooled Jimmy, not because of what's right,
but so you could justify how brilliant you are, you conned
the con man huh, and not only are you going bring Jimmy down,
but your going to destroy Kim also.

I don't think there has ever been a better TV villain than
Chuck McGill, you don't have to be over the top to
be a villain, you don't need a great catchphrase, you don't
have to be ultra violence to destroy someone's inner soul,
and this is the type of person, Michael McKean has played
so perfectly.

Moving on to Mike Ehrmantraut, so cool so collective, but
when  dare I say  GUS FRING  (unseen) leaves a note saying,
DON'T, then I guess it's better to step back. 

Surly season three's story lines about Mike will be his interactions
with Nacho and Tuco and the cousins of course, but it's a big bet
that Gus will be back in the picture.

Season two was perfect, season one was great, but it was season
two that took it to a new level.  Howard being a good guy was
an eye opener, but for me what made the season so perfect was
Kim Wexler.

Rhea Seehorn deserves an Emmy for her role of Kim. Arguably one
of the strongest most real female character in television history, she
is not there just to be the loyal girlfriend of Jimmy, she has emotions
and real feelings about her career and life,something we rarely see
from females on television.

So now we wait till February, what will Gillian and Gould bring
for season three, hopefully the same insightful thoughtful Drama
television has ever seen.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Laureus Sport Award: A Disaster for New Zealand Sport

The New Zealand rugby team. A.K.A  the All Blacks
for the color of their uniform, won team of the year at the
Laureus World Sport Awards.

This is the worst possible thing that could happen to
New Zealand sport.

What this is done, has given false credence to the myth
that Rugby and the All Blacks are this global sporting
Giant that the world loves, admires and has even heard

What the New Zealand sporting media hasn't told the
public, is that a good majority of the Judges are Ex
Rugby Union players based in Europe.

They also haven't told the public that, previous winners
have included  The South African Rugby Team and The
English Rugby Team, and previous nominees have included
The Australian Netball Team, The Australian Cricket Team
and The Australian Rugby Team.

So why is bad?? It's bad because the media in New Zealand
will now absolutely rammed down the public's throat that the
All Blacks are known as the greatest sporting team on the planet,
that supersedes any other team from any other code.

They will continue to promote the lie that Rugby Union and
the All Blacks are GLOBAL.

It use to be just the public that would say this, but ever since
professionalism came in, the media have been using keywords
such as GLOBAL and DOMINATE when it comes to the
All Blacks.

Now it's gone one step further with the players themselves
spouting this lie. Richie McCaw is now  saying this proves the
All Blacks and Rugby are a Global sport.

Why is this lie bad?, well it's because other sports suffer,
we do have players, men and woman playing truly Global
sports such as Football and Basketball, we have other kiwis
trying to make it in another Global sports such as Baseball
and Track and field.

But because of the lack of media attention, means these
players wont get the sponsorship to fulfill their dreams and
their dreams will vanish, because every dollar will go to Rugby,
every line written in the papers and online, every word spoken
on TV will be about Rugby Union.

And that is Rugby's shame on New Zealand, from the public to
the media and now the players such as Richie McCaw.

Enjoy the award NZRFU, continue to make 89% (according to
a poll) of Kiwis think that the All Blacks are not only the most
dominate sports team of any code, but the most famous sports
team on the planet, it's a lie and you guys know it, but I hope
you know you are shattering kiwi sport's people dreams.

If Rugby had any integrity in New Zealand, they would've reported it,
that New Zealand became the third rugby team to win a Laureus, thanks
to the Rugby heavy judging panel, and that the sport continues to
be a minnow sport worldwide, despite making some strides
during the professional era.

But that would be the truth, but the truth is a step too far for
the Rugby Media, Rugby Public and Rugby Players of New Zealand.

Line of Duty: Prediction

Two episodes of the BBC drama, Line of Duty to go.

I have a major prediction.

Everybody's  favorite little man child will team up
with everybody's favorite psychopath, Lindsay Denton.

It will be like some bizarre version of The Odd Couple.

Dot Cotton is going down, I don't think he is a pervo,
but he has certainly covered up the crimes of officers
and councilmen that are.

As for Ted Hastings and his cheeky handshake, well that
my friends, is one big red herring.

It means nothing, he is just an old friend.

Line of Duty has been by far the best police show on at
the moment, its like the Anti Blue Bloods.

Not many shows have you counting down the days till the
next episode, apart from Better Call Saul.

Just hoping that Denton somehow becomes good, and we
get to find out what the heck is on her cellphone.

Time will tell.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jeff Green and the New Zealand NBL

Jeff Green is the Rangers coach and he hasn't changed one
bit since he was the Hutt Valley Lakers Coach in the mid

He loves banter with the crowd, he also loves to take the
p*ss out of the refs, like he did last night at the Nelson
Giants versus Super City Rangers game.

You see Jeff loves to walk on the court, and not  just one
step over the yellow line, he really loves to walk on the court,
I mean walking towards half court, now normally you would
think a Ref with half a brain would call a tech, but it doesn't
seem to be the case when it's Jeff Green.

Towards the end it got to the satirical stage, the crowd was
screaming at the Refs to get him off the court, he turned around and
mocked the crowd copying them  chanting "Get off the court Jeff".

He then did a little dance, all in front of the Refs. The Ref decided
his best course of action would be to wet himself  laughing.

There's been talk about the standard of the Refs in the NBL,
and this proves all the negative press has been right.

Sure we do want colorful coaches like Green, but there
has to be a standard where the coaches aren't allow to break
such a simple rule.

Here's hoping Basketball New Zealand will look into it.

Time will tell.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Open Letter to Modern Family


I just don't get it.

Why has the once Brilliant Modern Family fallen
into the Disney trap with how it handles relationships
of it's teen/20 something actors and actresses.

Nearly every Disney movie or TV show will do the
same, Modern family was different though, well
different early on and in the seasons  3-5.

What I'm talking about is what they deem to be success
for a young male and for a female in search of love.

Luke and Manny are nerds, they arent attractive, yet it
would appear they always get the hot girl, and the hot girl
is always good for them, the stories are written like, this
is what success should be for a young teen male.

Yet the two main young female actresses, well success for
them is to not to date the hot guy, but to infact date way way
below their league.

So why is Modern family doing this? Why are they falling
into the kinda creepy Disney trap of making boys being more
successful and making success about how good looking your
girlfriend is, but doing the exact opposite for the girls?

Can someone tell me? Or am I reading too much into it??

Are the male writers living out some sort of unfulfilled fantasy?

Just think about it, there is no way Modern Family will have Luke or
Manny dating a girl that is unattractive, but they have no problem
with Hayley or Alex dating a boy that is unattractive?

Is this some sort of weird sexism???

Personally I think its kinda ruin the show.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thoughts with the People of Belgium

Thoughts with the people of Belgium.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Chumlee from the Reality Show 'Pawn Stars' Arrested and Jailed

Saw it happening.

The BS that is Pawn Stars, the show that is suppose to be real,
that airs on the history channel. Is scripted BS.

Everytime you heard Chumlee do a deal, and try and make 30 or 40
dollars for himself, you knew it meant nothing, because he was
being paid $25 thousand dollars an episode.

Yet the media lapped it up, the media called him a loveable
slacker, he was billed as this nice guy, just trying to make a
living, at his friend's dad's pawn shop.

In reality, he was a sleaze, he stood by years ago as this
 friends beat a man to a pulp, but when your worth 5
 million you can get away with it.

Still the history channel showed him, as his funny cute
 guy who just loved to goofed off. When in  reality a lot
 of his time was spent around Las Vegas's sleazier strip joints.

Now hes been arrested, on weapons and drugs charges, he is
also being invesitaged for a sexual assualt on a woman.

This is not a guy you should care about.

Yet people will.

People will pray for him

In reality people should care about the woman he has assualted, the
 and the people he has hurt.

But that anit going to happen, hes rich, white and famous he will
get sympathy.

His victims wont.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Jim Halpert: If he wasn't good Looking

Just wondering, if Jim Halpert from The Office
wasn't good looking could the writers made him
believable as the nice guy.

The Office ran from 2005 to 2013 and Jim and
Pam were the heart and soul of the show.

Female fans of the show, wrote on message boards,
what a nice guy he was, and how they wished they
had a boyfriend like Jim.

Well I personally think if the role of Jim was played
by an unattractive male, the role of Jim wouldn't work,
because Jim was well kinda a jerk.

The going up to Pam's desk wouldn't be called flirting
it would be called Harassment, the pranks on Dwight
would be called Bullying, and the cruel pranks on
Andy would've made Jim the most hated person
on tv.

How also would've they written Pam's reaction to
what Jim does??

Think for a second, if Jim was played by someone that
looked like Kevin, it wouldve been perceived to be

So why do these good looking guys in roles on television
seem to be applauded when they bully and harrass, but
the exact same behaviour is hated if played by a actor
that looks like Billy Bob Thorton?

There have been many pieces written on Jim Halpert and
how he is a sick sociopath who bullies and torments, yet
the female fans of the Office, always called him a nice
guy, Why? Is it just the looks thing?

Can someone explain it to me?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Alan Rickman Dies

Sorry this post is quite belated.

Alan Rickman has died.

Thank you for Snape.

Thank you for Hans.

Thank you for an amazing body of work.

Thoughts with his family and friends.


Friday, January 1, 2016


M*A*S*H actor Wayne Rogers has passed away.

May he rest in peace.