Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Say it anit so: The Ups and Downs of Hoping Hoverboard's Exist

(Update: This rollercoaster ride of good and bad 
news is driving me insane, here is a message I got
from one of the purchases of the Hendo Hoverboard...

(Thankyou, I agree totally with that, Its just a matter of'
watch this space' and then then the goal is to bring it to the
masses in the future. I'm off to the USA for the 21st of October
when Hendo have the exclusive Hendo Hoverbaord launch
event...... of which I'm sure they have a surprised planned
as well :). Also its "Future Day' :) ) 

 End of Message.

MY Blog post.

Around three hours ago I did a post, and now this sums
up what it's been like for people who want a Hoverboard
to be available on October 21 2015.

The post was full of hope, but once again Hope has
been dashed.

Yes Hendo Hoverboard are having a launch on October
21 2015, but all it is, is to give the 11 Hoverboards away
to the people who donated to their kickstarter campaign.

Hendo is what I have read is bascailly a company trying to
work with Arx Pax Magnetic Field Architecture  (MFA)
technology. The hoverboard was just a way to get people
excited about the technology, once October 21 2015 has
passed I doubt they will do any further research into an
actual hoverboard.

Their  hoverboard of course is just a board, that yes does Hover,
and you can stand on it, but it wont really move and you need
a magnetic floor for it to work.

So the major player, the biggest hope for Hoverboards to
become a reality, has just dashed the hope of hundreds of millions
of people worldwide.

And this is the way its been for decades, getting hopes up,
only for them to be crushed.

All we have now is a one in a billion shot that some other
company has been working on one, that is really just a pipe
dream though.

Still counting down the days.

Time will tell.

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