Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 21 2015 is nearly here

October 21 2015 is nearly here.

Of course New Zealand hits this date first, but
its October 21 2015 4.29pm Pacific USA Time
that the world is waiting for.

Back to the future fans everywhere will be
celebrating this day, and the greatest movie
trilogy of all time.

What will this day Bring? Self tying shoes,
Pepsi Perfects, and maybe just maybe,
what could be the greatest invention of
mankind. A working hoverboard for the

I hope the day also brings, cast reunions,
stories and people reminiscing. This day
which is so special to back to the future
fans, of course wont come again, so
enjoy it, make the most of it, watch it,
dream it.

The day of our childhood fanasties is
coming right up.

Lets make it a good one.

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