Friday, October 9, 2015


D Day is coming up for the Hoverboard.  That date of
course is October 21 2015, the date of course being the
day Marty McFly went back to the future and the world first
saw a hoverboard.

People all around the world,who saw Back to the Future have
been wondering if on Ocotber 21 2015, will there be
a Hoverboard?

 October 21 2015 has been destinated "Future Day"

Back to the future celebrations are planned, people will be lining up
to buy Pepsi Perfect, Nike might release self tying shoes, but it's
the Hoverboard that people are wondering about!

But this will all stop after October 21 2015.

You see because this date was used in the movie, this is the
date that BTTF fans have been waiting for, that futurists
have been waiting for, they know that flying cars are just SiFi
they know time machines are just a Hollywood fantasy, but
hey, Hoverboards are something that CAN be created.

But if October 21 2015 passes and there is no Hoverboard,
then all the talk for the past decades willl be stopped, not only will
hopes be dashed, there is no other date, that BTTF fans can
look forward too, this is not like a new invention where people will
say "well maybe in 50 or 100 years" The Hoverboard is forever linked
to October 21 2015, that is D day for the Hoverboard, there will be
no buzz for funding after this date, no internet chatter, scientist's  will
move on to other things and the BTTF trilogy will just be another
wonderful movie trilogy.

So it's now less than two weeks,  and we are going to have to put up
with a ton and I mean a ton of  companies spending millions
on promoting  FAKE HOVERBOARDS,
stating  "Look at our hoverboards with wheels"

There will be so many compaines that will Hijack
 Future Day, and Back to the Future day on October 21 2015
trying to sell their skateboards as Hoverboards.

There will be hoaxes in the next two weeks from the media,
there will be false hope, what these people dont realize is,
this is it, for the people trying to get a real hoverboard out
there is  no second chance, no more funding, after October 21
2015, if there is no Hoverboard, there will never be a Hoverboard.

So as we count down to October,  let us have hope, let us
dream, that maybe Lexus, maybe Hendo, maybe a company
we havent heard of yet, maybe someone just someone saw
the Back to the Future movies, and dared to dream and has
dedicated  the past few decades to giving the world a Hoverboard
On October 21 2015.

On October 21 2015 one of two things will happen.

Dreams will be crushed, dreamers will wake up and decide
reality is no friend of the dreamer, and life is hard and life
is tough, and unfortunately  there is no Hoverboard at the end
of the rainbow.


The most overwhelming joy the human race has
ever had. The dreams of people's  youth will
come true, the dreamers win, happines, everything
that you had wished in your  childhood/ teen years
has now become reality, the fact that SiFi is not
ficton, that there is more to life than the day to day
bustle, the ordinary, that every conversation you
had with your siblings your friends about "How cool
if it were true" will be actually true.

The Hoverboard being a reality to me, is
about my youth and child like nature (Even though I have never even
skated) its about that really awesome thing that
you saw on the big screen, but knew wasnt real, and then
when you hit middleage, it turns into reality and it takes
you back to a more innocent time in your life.

My fingers and toes are crossed,  on October 21 2015
time will tell.

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