Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back to the Future

Back to the future day was great. It seems the
whole world got into it, people from all over,
remembing the greatest movie trilogy of
all time.

So so glad that everybody got right behind it.

Even though there are no Hoverboards. My final
impressions of this movie trilogy is one of

I guess the day for me is best left in
saying this....
Marty McFly got his self tying shoes, and
Doc Brown left us with a great message, that
even though the future is not what we imagined,
it's because it hasnt been written yet.

So make it a good one.


This sums up it. It seems Hendo 2.0 hoverboard is
lamer than their 1.0 version.

The Hoverboard dream is officially dead.

Here is a link to the  Hendo Hoverboard news item.

It had been fun writing about Hoverboards.

But now its time to grow up.

I will have one more post, but that will be about back to the

The Hoverboard dream didnt come true, and is at
a end.

Time to move on.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015






Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 21 2015 is nearly here

October 21 2015 is nearly here.

Of course New Zealand hits this date first, but
its October 21 2015 4.29pm Pacific USA Time
that the world is waiting for.

Back to the future fans everywhere will be
celebrating this day, and the greatest movie
trilogy of all time.

What will this day Bring? Self tying shoes,
Pepsi Perfects, and maybe just maybe,
what could be the greatest invention of
mankind. A working hoverboard for the

I hope the day also brings, cast reunions,
stories and people reminiscing. This day
which is so special to back to the future
fans, of course wont come again, so
enjoy it, make the most of it, watch it,
dream it.

The day of our childhood fanasties is
coming right up.

Lets make it a good one.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Update 6:
Hendo's Statement on the Hoverboard

Update:5 Mostly bad news, with a bit of good, Hendo
today, stressed they're not a hoverboard company, and
and the hendo 2.0 will only walk on a copper surface, there
are some compaines that want to create a hoverboard
park (like  a skatepark) but that is down the road. In
the meantime, you will need a copper surface. The
main bad new is that they're stressing that Hendo is
not a hoverboard company. Again this up and down
rollercoaster ride, of good and bad news is terrible.

 update 4:   Hendo Arxpax Official Statement

 (Update 3: Reports coming in, that some skate parks 
across the USA and theme parks may be developed so
Hendo users can use their hoverboards. Im just blown
away by all this, completely stunned, of course we will
know more on October 21 2015, back to the future day,
but this is just plain brilliant)

(update 2: Is it time to say... "HOVERBOARDS

 (update: major news sources are now reporting
this story, so it appears 100% factual, we of
course wont know until October 21 2015 what
the board is going to be like, we know the price
$10K USA. There is now talk of a hoverboard
theme park . This appears to be real, Im still
quite stunned, dont know to think, for the first
time, it really really appears that the world
might have working hoverboards, you will still
have to use it on the  special surfaces
 that Hendo has devloped, but hey its a working
hoverboard, can you believe it!!!!)

As you know hendo hoverboards came out some
time ago, with a version of a hoverboard, it did
hover several inches above the ground, but
only on a special magnetic floor, you could stand
on it, and use your bodyweight to make it move.

It was such an advancement to anything else we
have ever seen, but still lightyears behind, the
hoverboard featured in back to the future 2.

Hendo Hoverboard according to pc magazine,
has said  they will release Version 2.0 of their


Is this what we have been waiting for??? Could
it finally be  we will have what little kids and big
kids have been dreaming about for decades.

There have been hoaxes before, there have
been massive letdowns, but is this it?

Should I be getting excited? Or will it be another

I have real hope this time. Less than a week i will

The anticipation is killing me.

Time will tell.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Madison Avenue ruining the countdown to October 21 2015

Never underestimate the power of money. With a
week to go until October 21 2105, and as fans around
the world wait with anticipation of a actual hoverboard
and back to the future day, the money people have been
trying to steal the day.

Advertisers have been firebombing every website, spending
tens of millions with news stories, promotion and generally
BS about that ugly pathetic segway and having the
nerve to call it a Hoverboard.

I knew the buildup would be bad, when every news site were
cheering justin beiber on, as his dancers danced on a segway, and
they called it a Hoverboard.

I never thought it will be at this level though, even if you googled
"Back to the future hoverboard" you basically come up with webpage
after webpage after webpage for stories about a "segway" yet the
news report calls them hoverboards.

Its really a hijacking of the upcoming back to the future day.

Heres hoping at least some websites will make a stand, "Vanity"
already has.

So deep breaths, as we countdown to Back to the
 Future day, with the slimmest of hopes, that Hendo
 or maybe Lexus or someone, somewhere
has invented  a real hoverboard, and hoverboard
 means no wheels.

Time well tell.

One week to go

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let Another Hoverboard Hoax

Nine days out from October 21 2015, and yet another
Hoverboard Hoax.

This time in HD, with some young actor, but lets use that
term loosely, he's trying to act cool, telling the public Hoverboards
are here.

The video is a fake ad and is suppose to be funny, but comes
across as rather creepy and also patronizing, not sure why
the company behind this fake ad would hire a actor so
unlikable or even do a ad that  is so fake, I guess they're
trying to jump on back to the future bandwagon and make
money for thier website by increasing their social media

It's a slap in the face to real fans of the trilogy and has
nothing to do with respect to the back to the future

It's the last thing that BTTF fans should be looking at,
as we countdown to the most important day for the
movie franchise.

These hoaxes will increase, the only good thing is that
after October 21 2015 these hoaxes will stop, because
after October 21 2105  there will be no need for these
hoaxes, not thats there is a need now.

So as I countdown to October 21 2105, Im less and
less optimistic about the Hoverboard.

I guess I just have to wait till October 21 2015.

Time will tell.

Friday, October 9, 2015


D Day is coming up for the Hoverboard.  That date of
course is October 21 2015, the date of course being the
day Marty McFly went back to the future and the world first
saw a hoverboard.

People all around the world,who saw Back to the Future have
been wondering if on Ocotber 21 2015, will there be
a Hoverboard?

 October 21 2015 has been destinated "Future Day"

Back to the future celebrations are planned, people will be lining up
to buy Pepsi Perfect, Nike might release self tying shoes, but it's
the Hoverboard that people are wondering about!

But this will all stop after October 21 2015.

You see because this date was used in the movie, this is the
date that BTTF fans have been waiting for, that futurists
have been waiting for, they know that flying cars are just SiFi
they know time machines are just a Hollywood fantasy, but
hey, Hoverboards are something that CAN be created.

But if October 21 2015 passes and there is no Hoverboard,
then all the talk for the past decades willl be stopped, not only will
hopes be dashed, there is no other date, that BTTF fans can
look forward too, this is not like a new invention where people will
say "well maybe in 50 or 100 years" The Hoverboard is forever linked
to October 21 2015, that is D day for the Hoverboard, there will be
no buzz for funding after this date, no internet chatter, scientist's  will
move on to other things and the BTTF trilogy will just be another
wonderful movie trilogy.

So it's now less than two weeks,  and we are going to have to put up
with a ton and I mean a ton of  companies spending millions
on promoting  FAKE HOVERBOARDS,
stating  "Look at our hoverboards with wheels"

There will be so many compaines that will Hijack
 Future Day, and Back to the Future day on October 21 2015
trying to sell their skateboards as Hoverboards.

There will be hoaxes in the next two weeks from the media,
there will be false hope, what these people dont realize is,
this is it, for the people trying to get a real hoverboard out
there is  no second chance, no more funding, after October 21
2015, if there is no Hoverboard, there will never be a Hoverboard.

So as we count down to October,  let us have hope, let us
dream, that maybe Lexus, maybe Hendo, maybe a company
we havent heard of yet, maybe someone just someone saw
the Back to the Future movies, and dared to dream and has
dedicated  the past few decades to giving the world a Hoverboard
On October 21 2015.

On October 21 2015 one of two things will happen.

Dreams will be crushed, dreamers will wake up and decide
reality is no friend of the dreamer, and life is hard and life
is tough, and unfortunately  there is no Hoverboard at the end
of the rainbow.


The most overwhelming joy the human race has
ever had. The dreams of people's  youth will
come true, the dreamers win, happines, everything
that you had wished in your  childhood/ teen years
has now become reality, the fact that SiFi is not
ficton, that there is more to life than the day to day
bustle, the ordinary, that every conversation you
had with your siblings your friends about "How cool
if it were true" will be actually true.

The Hoverboard being a reality to me, is
about my youth and child like nature (Even though I have never even
skated) its about that really awesome thing that
you saw on the big screen, but knew wasnt real, and then
when you hit middleage, it turns into reality and it takes
you back to a more innocent time in your life.

My fingers and toes are crossed,  on October 21 2015
time will tell.

Hoverboards: History of False Hope

The Hoverboard has a history of giving people false hope,
about well the hoverboard.

It  all started with the first apperance of a Hoverboard
where no one knew what a hoverboard was,  in Back
to the future 2 and that kicked it off.

Then there was the making of the film, where the producers
played a prank on the public, saying the Hoverboards were
real, but couldnt be made available to the  public for
safety concerns.

Then there was that odd jackass you meet, that swore they
were real and a company was working on them.

Years passed, and you had tv channels like Discovery having
scientist's  on saying yes there is technology that can make
the hoverboard exist.

All this false hope, and time passed and you slowly forgot
about it, except when Back to the Future 2 aired on tv.

Then Mattel played the cruelest hoax of all (F you Scott Neitlich)
Taking out a full page ad of Michael J Fox with the hoverboard
and the words "Hoverboards They're real and they're Magnificent"
Only to not only come out later and say, its only a prop replica, but
to hint in videos that they're working on something.

We then had the meanest humanbeing on earth,
 Tony Hawke saying a company called Huvr has
 invented a Hoverboard, and its not a Hoax, only
 to find out the whole thing was a hoax,  this fake
 company then had the audiciaty to tweet out "The
 Hoax is a Hoax" and erect billboards with a date
 and the hoverboard, further ripping out our hearts
 and giving us false hope.

Then a kickstarter campaign from these liars calling
 themselves "Hoverboards" only to find out their
hoverboards have wheels, not only that, they have
 in the past few days been spending millions and
 millions of dollars of flooding the internet with
 PR trying to get people to buy their fake hoverboard,
 thus taking time away from stories about how compainies
 can actually manfacture a real hoverboard.

Not sure why companies will do this?  It's mean and cruel
 and with D day coming up, October 21 2015, it's going to get

Just a shame, that no real company will come up with
 a working Hoverboard for the public to buy and not a
 prototype (hint hint, Hendo)

Time will tell.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Say it anit so: The Ups and Downs of Hoping Hoverboard's Exist

(Update: This rollercoaster ride of good and bad 
news is driving me insane, here is a message I got
from one of the purchases of the Hendo Hoverboard...

(Thankyou, I agree totally with that, Its just a matter of'
watch this space' and then then the goal is to bring it to the
masses in the future. I'm off to the USA for the 21st of October
when Hendo have the exclusive Hendo Hoverbaord launch
event...... of which I'm sure they have a surprised planned
as well :). Also its "Future Day' :) ) 

 End of Message.

MY Blog post.

Around three hours ago I did a post, and now this sums
up what it's been like for people who want a Hoverboard
to be available on October 21 2015.

The post was full of hope, but once again Hope has
been dashed.

Yes Hendo Hoverboard are having a launch on October
21 2015, but all it is, is to give the 11 Hoverboards away
to the people who donated to their kickstarter campaign.

Hendo is what I have read is bascailly a company trying to
work with Arx Pax Magnetic Field Architecture  (MFA)
technology. The hoverboard was just a way to get people
excited about the technology, once October 21 2015 has
passed I doubt they will do any further research into an
actual hoverboard.

Their  hoverboard of course is just a board, that yes does Hover,
and you can stand on it, but it wont really move and you need
a magnetic floor for it to work.

So the major player, the biggest hope for Hoverboards to
become a reality, has just dashed the hope of hundreds of millions
of people worldwide.

And this is the way its been for decades, getting hopes up,
only for them to be crushed.

All we have now is a one in a billion shot that some other
company has been working on one, that is really just a pipe
dream though.

Still counting down the days.

Time will tell.

Hendo Hoverboard Launch party October 21 2015

Could this be for real, after decades of Hoaxes,
and false hope, could in two weeks time, we
finally have Hoverboards?

Hendo Hoverboards have an event on October
21 2015, the hoverboard they announced over a year
ago, does hover but only on a special magentic
floor and it appears it doesnt move much when you
stand on it.

But its been a year, and Hendo's been very quiet, could
October 21 2015, see something special from
Hendo that will shock the world???

Will another company come out with a working Hoverboard?

Will this be one of the greatest days in Human
History or another let down.

Fingers are crossed.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The Final countdown is on. This is it. In a little over
two weeks we will know. Will Hoverboards exist
on October 21 2015.

Plenty of companies have been working on
prototypes. We have Hendo, we have Lexus.

We even might have Faux companies, like Huvr.

Unfortunely we have also had crap compaines, who
are spending millions on PR with Teen pop singers
and rappers trying to sell Skateboards as Hoverboards.


Time has now come, is there another company out there working
on one????

You see October 21 2015 is the date to do it. This is the date
that the DREAM  of HOVERBOARDS  will either come true
or die.

This is the connection to back to the Future. Once October 21
2015 passes, no one would want to fund one, the interest, the
buildup will be gone.

We know we can expect, the Pepsi perfect, maybe self tying
shoes from Nike.

But it's the Hoverboard dream, that the world is waiting for,
Mattel is certainly not going to do it.

So will the dream come true, or will it just be another Hollywood
fantasy, dashed by reality.

It will be pure joy or pure defeat. No comeback after this date.

Time is counting down, fingers and toes are crossed, Hoverboards
or No Hoverboards????

Time will tell.