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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Labour' Mangere MP Su'a William

Labour's Mangere MP Su'a William is an idiot.

If this is one of the best Labour has got, then Labour
is in real trouble.

Hey Su'a if one boy stabs another, it's not a case of
boys will be boys, okay!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mike Kilpatrick Stuff's TV Reviewer

Meet Stuff's Tv reviewer, Mike Kilpatrick.

That is his job title, yet he anit really a TV reviewer.

He's more of a spokesperson, he is here to save the
world from "White Privilege Denying dude, the
dudebros, and the mansplainer's.

Reading his TV Reviews, you would think he is,
Feminist Tweeter Boganettenz or maybe Anjum

You see he has a problem with Colbert getting a hosting
job, he has a problem with of course Jack Bauer. He
seems to have a problem with white male TV Hosts,well
white male TV hosts, that doesn't share his political ideology.

He is less of a TV reviewer, more of a political activist,
and therein lies the problem.

He is in the entertainment section,  yet it anit that entertaining
reading how bad American TV is, all the time. I like to be
surprised when I read a review, or learn something new,
but you know before hand what he is going to say about
a program.

His tweeter feed is now locked, which is a surprise, no one
got abusive with him, yet he felt the need to tell people to
F off, quite a lot.

I'm kinda guessing, he will stop getting hits in his TV reviewing
job and maybe, get a job at something he really wants, a PA
for the TeMana/Internet party?

Heres's hoping this will happen, sooner than  later.

Time will tell.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

An Open Letter to LIAM FLYNN (Nelson Giants Coach)

Hey, how ya going? Going good
I hope.

I have something that may help you
in your coaching.

There's a thing called a time out, you
can use it to stop runs.

Case in point, when Nelson was up by
11, you didn't use it, until we were down
by six.

That's not a good use of a time out. It
was your coaching that cost us the
game tonight, and it might cost us
a place in the semis.

So please think of this crazy concept of
a thing called a "Time Out"

It can help you as a coach and it can
help the players.

Just something to think about, okay.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Steven Adams Makes The Right Decision

Steven Adams and the Oklahoma Thunder have made the right
decision. Although as a New Zealand Basketball I would've
love to see him at the world cup, Adams playing in the NBA
summer league is correct.

It was really a catch 22 situation for Adams, he had such a
impact in his rookie season, he's going to be a pivotal part
of the Thunder in his second year in the NBA.

I'm glad to see New Zealand Basketball fans, and New
Zealand Basketball Jounros, supporting him.

I only hope the mainstream media and other kiwis also
support him.

He's a brilliant talent and if he can work on his offense
then the NBA and the Thunder have a future star, and
of course there is always the Olympics to look forward too.

So here's hoping he has a great summer league, after a
wonderful rookie  NBA season.

Well done Steven Adams.

Thunder Up!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Steven Adams

The Thunder season is over, having been knocked out
by the Spurs 4-2 in a thrilling series.

A tight loss in overtime saw the end of the season for the
Thunder, just falling short in their attempt to make the
NBA Finals.

They will look back on another amazing season, and
the amazing draft choice, Steven Adams.

Steven Adams, far exceeded all expectations, a
20 year raw rookie, ended up getting big minutes
in the playoffs, was perfect in setting up screens,
added a double in the playoffs, and picked up
boards,and blocks along the way.

His professionalism went well beyond his years, and he
also started to score.

Next step for Adams will be that midrange jumper, if
he gets that going, then there will be no stopping the
Thunder, Oklahoma and New Zealand can be
very proud of this kid.

If you had to give him a report card for his first season,
its gotta to be an A.

Well done to Steven Adams and roll on next