Saturday, November 15, 2014

Garth Brooks Man Against Machine: Review

4.5 Stars.

Brilliant, welcome back to the music industry, Garth!

Garth's first album delivers and then some, its pure
country, its pure Garth, with no Bro Country or
Hick Hop in site.

The title Track "Man against Machine" is a song
about Garth's battles with Itunes and country radio
and is a strong strong message to the Industry that
Garth will do it his way.

Highlights for me, is the song "She Tried of Boys"
lovely country sound and its a sequel to
"That Summer" with the guy being the older lover
this time round.

Rodeo and Juliet is a Western Swing take on the
works of Shakespear.

Mom is the sentimental favorite here, a song where
God explains to a Baby, what a Mom is.

Fish is surly George Strait inspired, about how the
song protagonist gets his life views turned upside by
a fisherman.

All American Kid is a great message about what's
right and the last line  turns it into great song from
a good song.

You Wreck Me, couldve been on any Garth album,
a great tune, a typical Garth song.

Dont want to give too much away about the rest of
the album, lets just say the 14 songs on this album
are some of the best written songs country music
has seen for a long long time.

If your a fan of Garth Brooks, you will love this album.

If your a fan of country music you will love this album.

Hell, if your a fan of music in general you will love it.

Well done Garth, and welcome back.


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