Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Biggest Losers in this Election

5: Corin Dann and TV Journos:
TVNZ and TV3 need to hang their heads in
shame. For over a year they listen to, they cheered
on, they giggled like little school girls, everytime
KimDotCom spoke. What they didnt do was
any actual reporting or research.

4: Tracy Watkins and Andrea Vance:
The worst type of Journos, they're
self righteous, smug  extremely Narcissist,
have an overinflated opinion of themselves
and think anyone who slightly disgree with
them is either sexist or dumb. What they dont
do is look at the stats and hard data.

3:False Outrage from Twitter and Blogs:
You know the people, the people who when
the fiction book from Hager came out,  tweeted
out "They have stolen our country" "I'm physically
sick"  "Ive been crying all day" They worked themselves
up, and tried to create a moral outrage where there
wasn't one, it's pretty clear to see, they're just coming
from their own ideology and not what is right
and what is wrong.

2:Martyn Bradbury:
New Zealand's own communist, has spent his
whole adult life trying to convince people the
USA is to blame for everything, and the only
way the world will come together is too listen
to his own ideas and values.

A criminal, who for some reason was celebrated
by the New Zealand media, but the public thankfully
didnt buy what he was selling. He is a grotesque, vile
hate filled, revenge loving individual, who is great
dangerous, and now that he has lost, he is not going
to give two hoots about our country.

Thankfully the people of NZ didnt allow the above
people to influence them, we saw whats right, and
did the right thing.

Heres hoping its going to be three great years.

Emily Writes no longer writes about politics, lets hope it
stays that way.

Time will tell.

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