Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hypocrisy of NZ Critics of The Fappening

First let me state. What has happened is wrong
and illegal. The woman in the hacked photos
are the victims.

You should never hack. You should never published
hacked photos from peoples cellphones.

To try and justify any hack is wrong.

Yet as usual the left in New Zealand has shown
the world what hypocrites they're.

They were right to come out and support Jennifer
Lawrence and other actresses who had their privacy

But their outrage over this means nothing at all, because
they supported KIMDOTCOM (PICTURED) and
the hacking of a private blogger's email, and they reposted
those hack emails to their twitter.

This is such two faced behavior. I'm also kinda guessing
if it was Miley Cyrus's phone that got hacked, they would
probably say she deserves it, or if it was a male celeb that
they loved, they would be downloading the pictures right

Im sure  Emily Writes  will be downloading Tarzan pictures.

If you are angry and disgusted about what happened to
Jennifer Lawrence, you have to be Angry and Disgusted
at KimDotCom/WhaleDump and Nicky Hager.

But I bet those on the left aren't.

Just something to think about.


Jono said...

There have also been male celebs photos leaked (Justin Verlander for one), but no moans about those ones.

Just unbelievable to me that they are justifying the hacking in Hager's book showing proof of hacking, which was the funniest part to me.

Brett Dale said...

Agree 100%