Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Garth Brooks People Loving People

Garth Brooks has nailed it, he has hit it out the ball

This is what country music needs, this is what music needs.

A perfect song for Garth.  His voice is so pure, he still
has heart, as a life long fan, I cannot be prouder of
this song that Garth has done.

Well worth the wait of 14 years.

What else can I say. Everything written about this
song was right, it's not Bro Country, its Not Hick
Hop, its Pure Garth.

What more could a Garth Brooks fan want?

Hats off to him.

Great start to his comeback!

There are so many happy Garth fans in the world
right now with smiles on their faces.

Thank you Garth!

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