Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery  is once again in  Bullying mode.

Here is a person who's whole career has been based
on being a Bully.

Like all Bullies, she loves to yell out abuse, call
people names, have threatening body language,
while pretending to be the one who is being

Who can  forget her disgusting rant against gays
last year, calling them derogatory names and such.

But where are  the complaints from the people who
say they stand up  to Bullies, no they're saying the
usual, "If she was man"

Well Im sorry, if she was a man, she would've been
called out by now, but because of her ideology, she

I have never got my head around the  people, who scream
such vile abuse at others, saying it's their right, but if people
dare talk back to them, they get offended

For myself that is the very definition of a hypocritical
Bully and that is what Pam Corkery is.

If the Internet Mana party has any integrity, she would
be fired. If those on the left who say they hate, hate, she
would be called up on what she does.

But I anit holding my breath.

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