Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Steven Adams Makes The Right Decision

Steven Adams and the Oklahoma Thunder have made the right
decision. Although as a New Zealand Basketball I would've
love to see him at the world cup, Adams playing in the NBA
summer league is correct.

It was really a catch 22 situation for Adams, he had such a
impact in his rookie season, he's going to be a pivotal part
of the Thunder in his second year in the NBA.

I'm glad to see New Zealand Basketball fans, and New
Zealand Basketball Jounros, supporting him.

I only hope the mainstream media and other kiwis also
support him.

He's a brilliant talent and if he can work on his offense
then the NBA and the Thunder have a future star, and
of course there is always the Olympics to look forward too.

So here's hoping he has a great summer league, after a
wonderful rookie  NBA season.

Well done Steven Adams.

Thunder Up!!!

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