Saturday, May 3, 2014

The ism that Feminism Forgot

I'm talking about  Male Heightism.

I have yet to read one blog, one facebook
post, one tweet, one tumblr, one instagram,
one guest article in stuff, the NZ Herald, The
Standard, The Hand Mirror, The daily blog,
about outrage over Heightism.

Yes hate is bad, racism is bad, white privilege is
bad, privilege denying dude is bad, dudebro is
bad, bigots are bad, Fatism is bad,  Female
Heightism is bad. Mansplaining is bad.

Yet there is no voice out their for the little guy.

They're the ism that New Zealand Feminists forgot.

There is no outrage if a male  is called a shrimp,
there is hell to pay if a female is called fatty on twitter.

There is no outrage if someone is making one of a male's
height, but there will  pure anger if you make fun
of any other physical appearance a person might have.

So why does male Heightism get a free ride by the Feminists
of New Zealand, why is it just brushed off as something
small? (excuse the pun)

I wish someone could tell me?? Perhaps I need a real tall
person to so some tallsplaining? That's another word that
they dont use, if some is being bigoted to a short guy, there
is no catchphrase, of meme's  for it.

They just turn a blind eye.

Will there be debate on social media about in the next
week or so?

Of course not.

Bigotry against short people is okay.

There is no voice.

But dont dare call someone fat.

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