Monday, May 12, 2014

Liz Hayes Worst Interview Ever

Liz Hayes from Australia's version of Sixty minutes
is surly the worst interviewer the show has ever seen.

She made so many many cliché mistakes.

In her interview with Jordan Belfort, the wolf of
wall street, a man who has destroyed so many
life's, ruined so many families, caused grief to
so many people, Lz decided to make it all
about her.

She wanted to be the Bitch that got Belfort, she
wanted it to be known that she takes no shit
from no one, girlfriend!

Make no mistake she got what she wanted, and
what she wanted wasn't justice for his victims, but
for herself to be known as a hardass Journo, who
you wouldn't like to meet in a dark alley.

This was a setup big time. First, Liz Hayes doesn't
wear glasses, but part of her act to get a rise out
of Jordan was to look down over her glasses, to
give Jordan the impression, that she is superior and
is judging him, thus getting a rise out of him.

She continued to ask questions, he wouldn't answer,
which led to him walking out.

It was a cheap Journo tactic, and again the victims of
Jordan deserved more.

But as long as Liz Hayes supporters are tweeting out
BS, like "Your so strong" and "You inspire me" this
gutter journo will keep on doing it.

I just feel sorry for the victims.

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