Friday, May 16, 2014

It Was Never a Super Fun Night

It was neither super and it certainly wasn't fun.

What is was, was the worst piece of trash ever
created for Television, nothing comes close
to how bad this show was.

I'm not even going to try to lighten this post up,
by saying, "Well she is great in the other stuff she
has done"

This show took the p*ss out of it's audience, shows
that aren't even shows are much funnier, think "When
the whistle blows".

How anyone could even want to be involved in this show
is beyond me, and don't dare listen to anyone who says,
"It got cancelled because of Fatism"

It actually  got cancelled, because it sucked.
I mean girls who have never dated before, decided to hit the
town in their 30's, they're quirky and different and one
of them is fat.

My heart sank that this ever made it to air, but it rose a
bit when it got cancelled.

If the actresses who were in this show were honest, they
would be tweeting out, how sorry they're for ever going
along with this project.

Rebel Wilson should be ashamed of herself, she has
embarrassed the country of Australia for doing a show
like this.

The only reason this abomination lasted 17 episodes
was because its lead in show was the always brilliant,
Modern Family.

Here's hoping it will never be heard of again.

We live in hope.

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