Monday, May 26, 2014

Cam and Mitch married

What a way for Modern Family to end season five.

A happy fun loving couple gets married. The episode
was warm, funny and hit all the right notes.

While other shows may of tried to be dramatic by
breaking them up, Modern Family stayed true to
it's heart.

Jay walking Mitch down the aisle was a beautiful touch,
also having the wedding at Jay's Golf club, showed that
he has accepted his son marriage, and wanted to
celebrated it in front of his friends.

I would give this episode 9.9 out of ten, I just wished
that Haley would've gotten  together with Andy, that
was heartbreaking, but I really loved Haley's growth
thru the season.

So that's season five over with, 10/10 for the season.

Roll on Season six.

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