Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cairns Fudged it

A UK paper is expected to announce the player
involved in a match fixing scandal, with Lou Vincent.

Chris Cairns a former player and fudge manufacturer,
is widely tipped on social media to be that player.

If it is Chris Cairns, he has well and truly fudged it,
by taking people to court, suing them, ruining their
reputation, all the while, taking the moral high ground,
saying  he is a victim, and that his life has been ruined.

People can forgive match fixers, what they don't forgive
is being out and out lied to you by someone who is
a hypocrite.

I have a feeling that Chris Cairns will end up being
like OJ and David Bain, he will never admit to
what he did.

The cricketing public of the world deserve more.

Here's hoping justice will be served.

Time will tell.

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