Friday, May 30, 2014

Annette Sykes Most Vile Politician in History

Just when you thought Annette Sykes couldn't
get any more vulgar and vile, she has now
accepted money from Kim Dot Com and
her party will be now known as the Mana
Internet Party.

By accepting this money, she has enable the
worst type of material on the Internet,

Kim Dot Com site, Megaupload was widely
used by  pedophiles to download and upload
illegal material.

But I guess TeMana doesnt care where the money
comes from, as long as they can have power.

I would expect nothing less from this person who
said when they heard about 9/11 they broke open
the Champagne and celebrated.

The sad thing is, there may be 3% of kiwis
who support her and her disgusting little party.

Thank goodness the other 97% of New Zealanders
have more sense.

Here's hoping this will back fire on  Mana Internet Party.

I anit holding my breath though.

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