Sunday, April 27, 2014

Telecom NZ Giganaire Ad: Most Racist In History

Words Fail me.

Telecom's new ad, titled "Giganaire" must
be one step away from Blackface.

It features a lot of white guys with gold Jewelry
rapping around a pool. They say its Parody, but
it's out and out racist.

Is this what Telecom New Zealand, thinks the
average African American is like?

How could one of New Zealand's biggest companies
stoop so low.


Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Far from it, It's portraying what life is like a millionaires point of view. No racist undertones at all writing this wearing a gold chain in my pool and I'm white. Fuck you loser

Anonymous said...

Oh small brained people. You make me laugh.

Brett Dale said...

To Anyone who posts Anonymous, just a friendly reminder, I only really reply to people who post under their name. Cheers.