Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best Commissioner Ever

Hats off to Adam Silver who did the right thing, and
won universal praise for giving a life ban to the racist
Donald Sterling.

81year old  Donald Sterling told his girlfriend not
to bring black people to his LA Clippers games
along with some other disgusting comments.

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, will now
not only lose his franchise, but is fined over
two million dollars and cannot attend another
NBA game in his life.

Players in the NBA, the media, and fans all
over the world have applauded NBA commissioner
for his bravery and  for his willingness to take a stand
against Racism.

He has shown himself to be a leader, and the
NBA has shown itself to be a competition that
will not stand for any racism by it's owners or
people involved in the game.

A great day for Basketball and the NBA.

Well done to the sport.

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