Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sydney Siege

Thoughts and wishes go out to those that lost
love ones. Thoughts and wishes go out to those
with loved ones still in Hospital.

For myself the Sydney Siege bought out the best and
worse in people.


The Police who were  calm and collective and then took
action when needed, they need to be praised for
what they did.

The Australian Muslim community, who released
a statement saying Islam is about Peace and they
condone the violence and hostage taking.

The people who used the hashtag, #Illridewithyou
what a wonderful thought and gesture, knowing that
some Muslims may be scared over a backlash.


People who took selfies and drank beer and decided
it would be a good idea to have a hostage party, outside
the cafe.

The racist idiots who blamed all Muslims for this one

The people who tried to stir up trouble for their own
political ideology.


Anjum Rahman the spokesperson for the Islamic
Womans council of New Zealand. She would
have to be the most disingenuous blogger/tweeter
New Zealand has produced over years and is
massively passive aggressive. For Anjum to
tweeted out tweets that shes sending her thoughts,
but to add thoughts to people who are victims of
war and torture was a dig at the west. To turn this
tragic event into her own political views was

She has continued to do this, and has a huge huge
history of doing this.

She should've taken note of her Muslim counterparts
in Australia, but alas no, this was just another opportunity
for her to spout off her precious hatred for the USA.

Here's hoping in such a tragic event,  people would
 forget about their own prejudices and concentrate  on
the event itself.

I anit holding my breath though.

Again thoughts with the people of Australia today.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Garth Brooks Man Against Machine: Review

4.5 Stars.

Brilliant, welcome back to the music industry, Garth!

Garth's first album delivers and then some, its pure
country, its pure Garth, with no Bro Country or
Hick Hop in site.

The title Track "Man against Machine" is a song
about Garth's battles with Itunes and country radio
and is a strong strong message to the Industry that
Garth will do it his way.

Highlights for me, is the song "She Tried of Boys"
lovely country sound and its a sequel to
"That Summer" with the guy being the older lover
this time round.

Rodeo and Juliet is a Western Swing take on the
works of Shakespear.

Mom is the sentimental favorite here, a song where
God explains to a Baby, what a Mom is.

Fish is surly George Strait inspired, about how the
song protagonist gets his life views turned upside by
a fisherman.

All American Kid is a great message about what's
right and the last line  turns it into great song from
a good song.

You Wreck Me, couldve been on any Garth album,
a great tune, a typical Garth song.

Dont want to give too much away about the rest of
the album, lets just say the 14 songs on this album
are some of the best written songs country music
has seen for a long long time.

If your a fan of Garth Brooks, you will love this album.

If your a fan of country music you will love this album.

Hell, if your a fan of music in general you will love it.

Well done Garth, and welcome back.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hoverboards Invented?

Its October 21st in the USA today, if back to the
future was right, it means one more year till hoverboards.

A story doing the rounds, is a kickstarter company called
Hendo has finally invented a worker Hoverboard. that
is due for released in October 2015.

Please tell me this is not another Hoax.

Surly society wouldn't do this to me.

Surly people wouldn't be so cruel.

Please God, let this be real.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jeffrey M. Sirois has to go to Jail

The E O Smith girls soccer coach has
to go to jail.

Jeffrey M Sirois is the perv who sent
videos of himself masturbating to his

He said it was accident. But if you have
people on your snapchat that are underaged,
perhaps you should double check, who you
send the video too.

This sicko, needs to go to jail, and go to jail
for a long time.

Heres hoping he will.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Hair There's more to this story

Kid 15, gets sent home from school for getting a haircut
that is not allowed.

Mother goes to media. Mother and supporters of Mother
rips into the principal on social media.

Trademe message boards says the kid has actually done some
very bad things at school.

Mother says those things were minor.

Let this be a lesson to Journalists.

Although it may sound like a good story...

"Big bad principal kicks out boy for haircut."

There is always more to a story than that. Nothing is black
and white.

Perhaps Journos should think twice before trying to pull
at peoples heartstrings and perhaps parents should think
twice before going public in the media and on social

Just something to think about.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Garth Brooks Album Cover

Garth Brooks is a Genius.

He has one of the most ironic album covers
in music history.

His album titled Man Against Machine is
a commentary on his battle against ITunes
and why Itunes is bad for the music industry.

The  heavily photoshopped Garth looking
staunch, dress in black with shades, is a
huge dig at record labels who try to
promote their artists and the music as
cool, hip and young.

The cover could look like any BRO COUNTRY
cover, when in fact its the Anti Bro Country.

I do hope the media picks up on this, if not now,
Im sure once the album is released they will
realize the album is Pure Garth, and real

Garth is back, and real country is back.

Cant wait till November 11th.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Garth Brooks Man Against Machine

November 11th!

First time Garth has named an album after one
of the songs.

First time, Garth will be available on a digital
platform, he's  with GhostTunes.

Im counting down the days!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Emma Watson

That Guy

 (Pictured is Mark Valley who played Brad
Chase on Boston Legal)

(Reposting this old post, it would appear
that Matt Prokop is a "That Guy" This is
whats happens when "That Guy" is never
told they're wrong and gets handed everything
to them. Thoughts with Sarah Hyland for being
a victim to "That Guy", of course Matt Prokop
would disagree,  "That Guy" always does.)

There is a scene on the programme Boston
Legal, where Alan Shore bursts into a Partner's
meeting as they're about to vote  onwhether Brad
Chase should be become partner.

Alan Shore was incensed that his friend Jerry
Espenson wasn't put up for the position, he 
looked up to the podium and  saw a
cut out of Brad's smiling face, looked at the
partners and says something along the 
lines of  "Does it always have to be that guy?"

That got me thinking, Why is it always that guy?
In every aspect of life, it's always that guy.

It's always that guy who goes to a restaurant,
and gets the best table, and gets the best 
service, and the best piece of steak.

It's always that guy who goes to a store in the mall, he
will get served first, he wont get a smart alec 
shop assistant,  he will get the best customer
service possible.

Coming back from an overseas trip, that guy will fly 
thru customs and not get picked for a routine bag 

Buying Panadol from the chemist,that guy wont get asked for
ID, or the name of his G.P

Getting picked first for a team, whether it be as a
 kid on the sports field, a class room assignment,
 a  project at work, or on some lame reality
tv  show, it's always that guy.

A group of friends having a discussion,
 people will listen to that guy  first.

If different advice is handed out to 
someone in trouble, it's that guys
advice they will take.

Your on a social media site, or at a dinner
party, it's always that guy's jokes that people
will laugh the  hardest at.

If that guy's got the slightest problem in his life
he will have a army of people, giving him
sympathy and telling him he's special, and every
issue in his life, is blown into a war and peace novel.

Heaven help you, if you don't like that guy, because I'm
afraid in life, it's all about him.

That guy doesn't even have any negative syndrome
 name after him, if your short, you have short guy syndrome,
if your fat, you have fat guy syndrome, if your ugly you
have ugly guy syndrome, if you write a negative blog you
have bitter guy syndrome, if you complain about that guy
you have jealous guy syndrome,  according to 
another blogger there is a  "privilege denying guy", and 
of course there is "nice guy syndrome", they are the 
worst guys of the lot apparently, but that Guy doesn't
have a  negative syndrome, because he is that guy.

Can someone please please  tell me, why does it always have
to be that guy, or about that guy? Why is it always him?, he does
nothing special, others do better, but its always him, isn't it?

Like I said this post was written from seeing an old Boston
Legal clip, and a couple of incidents that went thru my
head after seeing that Boston legal clip. I have never figured
it out, why it  always have to be about that guy, like I said in
a previous post, this  post is not earth shattering, it's not
powerful and has no overbearing message, I just need to
know, why is it always about that guy, and why is it always
that guy?

Can someone tell me?

In a couple of days time, I will write about the other guy.
He deserves some thinking about to, I'm guessing that 
guy will disagree.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Failed Loser

KimDotCom, you failed, you failed.

You failed, you fat slimy German Fuck.

Four million dollars you spent trying to buy
New Zealand's election, and you failed.

Your supporters and their hate failed.

Everything you stand for, corruption and hate,

I guess there's just one thing left to say.

Enjoy your Federal Prison Cell, BITCH!

National Wins Hate Loses

Well done to National and John  Key for winning a
third term.

This was the election that Hate lost.

National campaigned on policies, their opponents
campaigned on pure hate, hoping the public would
go along with their anti USA, anti capitalism BS.

It didn't work.

Let that be a lesson to those that have a chip on
their shoulder about the USA and New Zealand's
close relationship.

NZ is a western country in the South Pacific, we
have the same values.

National knows this, and this why they won the
election,National will continue to try and help
those who need it and provide the resources to
people to try and get ahead.

The campaign National won was run on their own
policies, day in and day out they repeated why they
thought you should vote for them, they backed it
all up with stats and hard data, they ran a positive
campaign, they wanted the public to know what
they stood for and National got their message out

This is something Labour use to do so well, instead
this election, they tried to suck up to the Unions and the Socialists.
Tracy Watkins and Andrea Vance those so called
Journalists, who's twitter profile pictures remind me
of some smug smary little middle school kid who
think they're so tough by sneering into the lens,
cant wash their hands of this, with their vile reporting.

Not sure if Labour will learn from their mistakes.

Time will tell. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

November 11 2014

The day Garth Brooks fans have been waiting for.

On November 11 2014 his new album will be

The countdown is on.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Zealand Election Tomorrow

Go out and Vote, we live in a democracy, and
this is the reward.

Respect the result and drop the ugliness that
this election has had.

Don't campaign on election day.

Have fun.

And may the better man win.

Time will tell.


Matthew Sullivan has been jailed for three
and a half years, he was the jerk who drag
raced at 180khm, causing another car to hit
and kill a woman.

Finally a judge with some sense. It's about
time these losers who cause pain and suffering
to others get sent to jail for their crimes.

Well done to the Justice system.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

To the Parents of The Kid who Yelled at me

I don't mind people campaigning for
the political party of their choice. Go
door knocking, hand out leaflets, go
on twitter, I have to say congrats for
getting involved.

What I don't like or appreciate on
a cold raining day, when all I want
to do is get home is having your
ten or eleven year old kid, asking
me who I'm voting for, and when
I tell them, they say "You should
vote for the Greens instead"

And when I walk away, I dont
appreciate, your kid giving me
a smart ass look and yelling,
"Vote Green Vote Green"

Why you never called your kid
back, I will never know and why
I never told your child to go away,
I will never know, I was more in
a state of shock I guess.

Please, if your on the same street
corner tomorrow, can you ask him not to
bother adults going about their
business, and maybe suggest to him
it's not very clever when he gives
adults a smartass condescending look.


Garth from Chicago

I didnt take this. Garth from Chicago.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Zealand Election Prediction

National  48%
Labour   24%
Greens   11%
NZ/First   6.5%
Conserv    5%
Maori       2%
InterMana 1.5%
Act          1%
United     0.5%
Other      0.5

So a handy win for National, they
will go into coalition with another
party. Cunliffe will be fired as
Labour leader.

Kimdotcom will lose millions
failing at his goal.  Nicky Hager's
worth will be zero.

And all those from the standard and the
daily blog will wonder why they spent
so much time on the internet.

Who knows if I will be correct or not.

Time will tell.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts with the USA

On this 13th anniversary of the tragic attacks, thoughts
are with the good people of the USA today.

Stay strong, always.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why Simon Sweetman is wrong on GhostTunes.

Simon Sweetman is a music reviewer
from New Zealand, he recently called
GhostTunes stupid and superfluous.

After looking up what Superfluous
meant, I have to say Simon Sweetman
is wrong.

This is not the Cola wars Simon, it's
not VHS versus Beta. Itunes doesnt
get to be the sole music provider of

The people behind this, the people who
are taking charge, are the biggest people
in the music industry, and it's about the

Garth Brooks is right, Itunes shouldn't get
to dictate, how his music is sold, and for
what price. Itunes shouldn't let people
pick apart, artists albums and only select
half the songs.

You wouldn't go into an art gallery and ask
to buy 90% or 60% or a person's work, a
person's creation.

Then there is the compensation, for the least
compensated people in the music business,
the writers, the people who create the lyrics,
the ones who are on the bottom of the Itunes
food chain.

This is who Garth is looking out for, just like
with his stance on used CD's. It's never been
about the money or the numbers, despite the
critics thinking otherwise.

GhostTunes is all about the music, they don't
sell watches or widgets, it's a place where
people can enjoy music for purely music

It's not stupid or superfluous.

Just something for the Simon and the doubters
to think about.

Garth Brooks Knows how to make an entrance.

He still has it, best live performer ever, hes a clip from
Chicago, the first city in his world tour, I didnt take this.

Labour Party Supports Hacking

Words fail me, that the once great Labour Party of
New Zealand can support the hacking of someones
private emails.

Their list MP candidates such as  Hamilton's Anjum Rahman have
taken such delight in retweeting  hacked emails and hacked
information from  Nicky Hagers book.

In the same breath these wannabe MP's show how
disingenuous they are by talking about integrity.

Well they're running  the most dirty vile campaign any
Labour party in New Zealand history has, and he
media is letting him.

Normally I love watching election campaigns, not
this one, it's everything I hate, disingenuous, hateful
and hypocritical.

Kinda sums up the current Labour Party.

New Zealand Knocked out

New Zealand made the top 16 of the Basketball world

We were knocked out by European Powerhouse

Again, New Zealand punched well above it's weight
in this tournament, the last four world cups in a row
we have made the playoff stages.

With a very young team, the future is looking bright
for New Zealand Basketball.

Well done to them.

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Zealand Beats Finland





Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Zealand Beats Ukraine




Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Garth Brooks People Loving People

Garth Brooks has nailed it, he has hit it out the ball

This is what country music needs, this is what music needs.

A perfect song for Garth.  His voice is so pure, he still
has heart, as a life long fan, I cannot be prouder of
this song that Garth has done.

Well worth the wait of 14 years.

What else can I say. Everything written about this
song was right, it's not Bro Country, its Not Hick
Hop, its Pure Garth.

What more could a Garth Brooks fan want?

Hats off to him.

Great start to his comeback!

There are so many happy Garth fans in the world
right now with smiles on their faces.

Thank you Garth!

Garth Brooks Comeback Starts

Garth Brooks is officially back. His first single off
his new album due for released in November, will
be released in a few hours.

Then on Thursday (USA Time) he starts his world

Fans have waited 14 years for this. Will he recreate
the 90's? Will his music have the same heart and soul
and passion as it did in the 90s?

Will he totally dominate the music scene? Will his
live show have the same amount of fever pitched

It's been a huge long wait for Garth fans, a decade
and a half, but now in a few hours it kicks off again.

Will it be worth the wait?

Time will tell.

New Zealand Gallant in Defeat

The might of the USA defeated New Zealand
98-71 at the World Basketball Champs.

New Zealand can hold their heads high, and
take a lot of pride in the fact that they won the
third quarter 19-18, not many teams in History
can say they won a quarter against the USA.

We now need a miracle to make it to the
knockout stages, we need to wins and have
to rely on all other results going our way, and
then it will come down to points for and against.

We live in hope.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sue Bradford

You vile, disgusting, grubby little woman.

People are dead, people are in hospital, families
have been torn apart.

Yet you feel the need to try and make political

People said this would happen, and people actually
said it would be someone like you.

How could you? What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm shattered that a human being could be so cruel.

Well Fuck you Sue, this is about the victims, not your
political ideology.

Take a long hard look at yourself, and think again
before saying something so cruel.

Just something to think about, okay?


Thoughts and wishes to the people of Ashburton.

Stay Brave.

Nenad Screws up again

How can someone who has coached for so
long, be so stupid.

What is he thinking?

Time for an overseas coach.

Roll on the 2019 world cup.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thanks a Lot Nenad

What a bonehead thing to do. You've always
been hotheaded, even back in the late 80's
when you first came to New Zealand.

Now you have cost us a victory at the
Basketball world and  probably our chances of
progressing to the next round.

What were you thinking? How can a coach blow
a 12 point lead in the final quarter and a nine point
year with less than five to go.

Why oh why would you give away a tech???

Worst coaching performance ever!

Ive never been so upset with a loss in my life,
that was a game we should've won.

Again, Nenand this is on you.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breaking Bad

The greatest show in the history of television, took
out best writing for a Drama series, Best Supporting
Actress for Anna Gunn, best supporting Actor for
Aaaron paul, best Actor for Bryan Cranston and of
course Best Drama.

Every Emmy was deserved, the shows place in television
history is deserved, I wish I was a way way way better
writer, so I could put into words just how special this
show is.

It's now ended, and as I go back to watch it again and
again, I think the best way I can describe it is..

Yeah Bitches!

There will never be another show like Breaking Bad!

Thank you Vince for creating it.

Modern Family Wins Best Comedy

Well done to Modern Family and Ty Burrell.

Ty Burrell won for best supporting actor and
Modern family tied Frasier's record of  five
straight emmys for best comedy.

Modern Family also won an emmy for directing.

Season five of Modern family was IMHO it's best.

Any thoughts that this show was past its use by date
is out the window.

Modern Family just gets better and better and better.

Congrats to all involved with the show.

Roll on season six.

I cannot wait!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery  is once again in  Bullying mode.

Here is a person who's whole career has been based
on being a Bully.

Like all Bullies, she loves to yell out abuse, call
people names, have threatening body language,
while pretending to be the one who is being

Who can  forget her disgusting rant against gays
last year, calling them derogatory names and such.

But where are  the complaints from the people who
say they stand up  to Bullies, no they're saying the
usual, "If she was man"

Well Im sorry, if she was a man, she would've been
called out by now, but because of her ideology, she

I have never got my head around the  people, who scream
such vile abuse at others, saying it's their right, but if people
dare talk back to them, they get offended

For myself that is the very definition of a hypocritical
Bully and that is what Pam Corkery is.

If the Internet Mana party has any integrity, she would
be fired. If those on the left who say they hate, hate, she
would be called up on what she does.

But I anit holding my breath.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Monet-Mei Clarke Disingenuous New Zealander of the Year

Meet Monet-Mei Clarke, the most disingenuous
New Zealander so far this year.

When the story first broke that KiwiYo, didn't
allow her to say "Kia Ora" to customers, people
were outrage and rightly so. But then the whole
story come out.

KiwiYo has a standardized greeting they want their
servers to use for all customers. They're a private business
and that is their right. The greeting is "Hello, welcome to Kiwiyo,
is this your first visit"

Monet-Mei Clarke wanted to just say, "Kia Ora" she made out
to the media that she was saying the rest, when in fact she wasn't.

She stated it was her first job, (she's 17) and she loved her coworkers.

She talked of wanting to keep her language alive and left KiwiYo.

Again, Monet needs to understand that a private has the right to have
every worker say their greeting.

The CEO has now said sorry, and  she is welcome to work there,
Monet doesnt want to.

Now I would be fine with all this but...

She has now got her local school to organize a protest,  the
usual protest groups, are there, TeMana, Unite, outside the store,
blocking people from going in.

Her response  to this was to say "They get what they deserve"

This is not about racial prejudice, but about a 17 year old Kid
who wants to get her own way, and has been taught from a very
young age that she is a victim.

Monet, you have a lot to learn. Here's hoping this is just an
age thing and a lack of experience from you.

Judging by your attitude tonight on the news tonight, it anit.

Your former bosses and coworkers deserve better.

Just something to think about.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

so Tired

Just so tired.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beautiful Peace Protest

This is what a peace protest should be.

Peaceful marching, people singing, people
praying for peace, talking about peace,
wanting peace.

There were no hateful slogans, no call
for death to certain countries, no flag burning,
just a wonderful outing.

Take note, Labour Party, Anjum Rahman,
Green Party, TeMana, Unite, Minto, and
Socialist Aoteatoa, and think twice about
your hateful protests.

The Israeli community of NewZealand
did themselves proud.

Well done.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

That Guy wins again

Was there any doubt? On May 15th 2011,
I did a post about that guy. I then did a repost
a few years later.

Once again, That Guy has beaten the other guy.


Just once I would like the other guy to win.

Not a chance ever.

My big problem now, is that, THAT GUY, is
getting more and more smug, and he's a guy
who really doesnt need more smugness, cause
he's already a bit of a narcissist.

But hes won again, and he will always win.

Too bad about my friend, the other guy, but
hey who cares about him, society sure doesn't.

It's about that guy.

Friday, July 25, 2014

An Open Letter to the Islamic Community of New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand.

We believe you have the right to follow your religion,
your culture, your beliefs, you have the right to do this
without anyone saying your wrong or any racial hatred
towards you. It doesn't matter if your a new immigrant,
or second/third Generation Muslim living in New Zealand.

New Zealand is made up of all sorts of people, living
together, all with different points of views.

Recently there was a march which many members of the
New Zealand Islamic community took part in, as usual
with these marches, various extremist political groups,
took part, those groups being "Unite, TeMana, John
Minto's band of followers, and senior high school students,
first year Uni students, who were play acting, wearing those
anonymous masks.

Labour List MP and Islamic Womans Council of New
Zealand spokeswoman Anjum Rahman, called it a
peaceful protest, unfortunately this is isnt true.

What was said in this protest was offensive and degrading
to all New Zealanders.

New Zealand has a strong connection to the USA, there
are currently 27 thousand Kiwis living there, it has the
most kiwis in it, living abroad, more than any other country
apart from the UK and Australia.

So when you shout out  Death to them, when you
call for genocide against them, this is going to upset a
lot of people, and I hope you realize that the majority
of Kiwis would feel ill, hearing people say this.

In terms of the flag burning, Anjum Rahman once said
"Its just a piece of cloth" This statement again is grotesque,
Anjum knows how its a symbol of pride for exPat Americans
in New Zealand and burning it, is exactly equal to burning
the Koran or drawing a picture of Mohammed.

As for carrying the flag of Israel with a certain German
Symbol on it, I have to wonder, where is your heart? Most
people globally would see that, and feel outrage and rightly

Too sum it up, I guess I can say, We love FREE speech in
New Zealand, but we dont like, HATE speech, there is a

We dont expect you to come around to what we would
call western traditions, you have your traditions, but please
dont expect us to have hatred for western traditions, historically
we have a close connection to the USA,  you may
hate them, we dont.

Just something to think about, okay?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hone Harawira Anti Semitic Anti American

I never thought, New Zealand would produce
someone more vile and repugnant than John Minto.

But we have, his name is Hone Harawira.

How this disgusting piece of trash is in our Parliament,
is beyond me.

I guess every country has a small bunch of supporters
who like people like Hone.

Hone's party TeMana were prevalent in the Protest
March in Auckland, the so called Peace March was
of course just another march to hate on Israel, the USA
and capitalism  in general. There were symbols so hurtful
at the march, (this symbol was on the Israeli Flag) there
was burning of the USA flag.

The usual  Union groups turn up also, student groups, the
NZ Activists Muslim community. The comments coming
from the crowd werent peaceful, they were quite sickening.

Of course Labour Party List candidate, Anjum Rahman thought
the protest was peaceful and friendly.

Hone all along was grinning and laughing.

You guys arent fooling anyone, this was not a march for
peace but a march for your extreme and I mean extreme

Hang your head in shame, Hone, your a disgrace to your people.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tim Howard

Hard luck to the USA for being beaten by Belgium
in extra time.

Hats off to the USA goalkeeper though, Tim Howard,
you were amazing, a true gentleman and sportsperson.

Hats off to him!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Flip The Script

Saturday, June 28, 2014






Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Labour' Mangere MP Su'a William

Labour's Mangere MP Su'a William is an idiot.

If this is one of the best Labour has got, then Labour
is in real trouble.

Hey Su'a if one boy stabs another, it's not a case of
boys will be boys, okay!

Monday, June 23, 2014




Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hey David Cunliffe

Somebody's pants are on fire.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

An Open Letter to LIAM FLYNN (Nelson Giants Coach)

Hey, how ya going? Going good
I hope.

I have something that may help you
in your coaching.

There's a thing called a time out, you
can use it to stop runs.

Case in point, when Nelson was up by
11, you didn't use it, until we were down
by six.

That's not a good use of a time out. It
was your coaching that cost us the
game tonight, and it might cost us
a place in the semis.

So please think of this crazy concept of
a thing called a "Time Out"

It can help you as a coach and it can
help the players.

Just something to think about, okay.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Steven Adams Makes The Right Decision

Steven Adams and the Oklahoma Thunder have made the right
decision. Although as a New Zealand Basketball I would've
love to see him at the world cup, Adams playing in the NBA
summer league is correct.

It was really a catch 22 situation for Adams, he had such a
impact in his rookie season, he's going to be a pivotal part
of the Thunder in his second year in the NBA.

I'm glad to see New Zealand Basketball fans, and New
Zealand Basketball Jounros, supporting him.

I only hope the mainstream media and other kiwis also
support him.

He's a brilliant talent and if he can work on his offense
then the NBA and the Thunder have a future star, and
of course there is always the Olympics to look forward too.

So here's hoping he has a great summer league, after a
wonderful rookie  NBA season.

Well done Steven Adams.

Thunder Up!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Steven Adams

The Thunder season is over, having been knocked out
by the Spurs 4-2 in a thrilling series.

A tight loss in overtime saw the end of the season for the
Thunder, just falling short in their attempt to make the
NBA Finals.

They will look back on another amazing season, and
the amazing draft choice, Steven Adams.

Steven Adams, far exceeded all expectations, a
20 year raw rookie, ended up getting big minutes
in the playoffs, was perfect in setting up screens,
added a double in the playoffs, and picked up
boards,and blocks along the way.

His professionalism went well beyond his years, and he
also started to score.

Next step for Adams will be that midrange jumper, if
he gets that going, then there will be no stopping the
Thunder, Oklahoma and New Zealand can be
very proud of this kid.

If you had to give him a report card for his first season,
its gotta to be an A.

Well done to Steven Adams and roll on next

Friday, May 30, 2014

Stephen Fleming and His Foggy Memory

Surprise freakin Surprise.

With the Chris Cairns press conference today,
denying all charges, it comes out that Mills,
Vettori, and Fleming had been questioned.

Two of these players, said yes McCullum did
talk to them about Cairns getting them to
match fix, but the other playing has a foggy memory.

Make no mistake, that player with the foggy memory
is Stephen Fleming.

Fleming has always been about himself, he is a Narcissist
in and out of cricket. As captain of the blackcaps it was
a known fact, that if Fleming didn't like you, you weren't in the

I firmly believe he is protecting his life long friend, Chris Cairns,
I believe he is the player with the foggy memory, and is just
trying to cover up for Chris.

This is unfair to Brendon McCullum who has said Cairns
tried to get him to match fix.

Believe me, Fleming is smart enough to know what to say,
and he only cares about Fleming.

The truth doesn't matter.

The truth wont come out.

Stephen Fleming will make sure of it.

Annette Sykes Most Vile Politician in History

Just when you thought Annette Sykes couldn't
get any more vulgar and vile, she has now
accepted money from Kim Dot Com and
her party will be now known as the Mana
Internet Party.

By accepting this money, she has enable the
worst type of material on the Internet,

Kim Dot Com site, Megaupload was widely
used by  pedophiles to download and upload
illegal material.

But I guess TeMana doesnt care where the money
comes from, as long as they can have power.

I would expect nothing less from this person who
said when they heard about 9/11 they broke open
the Champagne and celebrated.

The sad thing is, there may be 3% of kiwis
who support her and her disgusting little party.

Thank goodness the other 97% of New Zealanders
have more sense.

Here's hoping this will back fire on  Mana Internet Party.

I anit holding my breath though.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ann Hornaday

Meet Ann Hornaday, she is the movie critic/Feminist
who decided it was a fat ugly guy's fault that pretty boy
Narcissist Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree.

Her main beef seemed to be with the fact that Hollywood
shows men dating out of their league.

Well then Ms Ann Hornaday, you do understand that
Elliot wasn't a fat ass pimply male who lived in his
parents basement, but he was a good looking,
rich white kid of privilege.

I would've thought Feminists, dont  suffer from
Cinderella syndrome, but it seems Hornaday does.

Her statement reminded me of a incident that happened
to a work colleague of mine in the early 90's, this pretty
boy broke a 15 Thousand dollar piece of equipment
right in front of me, he was careless, and went against

What did our managers do? They blamed Robbie and
not the guy who did it, Andrew.

My manager thought, well Andrew couldn't have broken it,
it had to be Robbie, Robbie was fat, unattractive and unassuming.

The Manager couldn't believe someone who was good looking
could ever make such a mistake.

Thus you have Ann Hornaday's comment,  in her mind,
a good looking guy of privilege could never commit a
crime, there has to be another reason.

Those Hollywood movies that show normal looking
guys, getting the girl, we cant have that, anymore can we Ann?

Again, you would think a Feminist would go pass the
look angle, but I guess that means you would have to
have integrity, something Ann hasn't.

Will Feminism change?

I anit holding my breath.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Cam and Mitch married

What a way for Modern Family to end season five.

A happy fun loving couple gets married. The episode
was warm, funny and hit all the right notes.

While other shows may of tried to be dramatic by
breaking them up, Modern Family stayed true to
it's heart.

Jay walking Mitch down the aisle was a beautiful touch,
also having the wedding at Jay's Golf club, showed that
he has accepted his son marriage, and wanted to
celebrated it in front of his friends.

I would give this episode 9.9 out of ten, I just wished
that Haley would've gotten  together with Andy, that
was heartbreaking, but I really loved Haley's growth
thru the season.

So that's season five over with, 10/10 for the season.

Roll on Season six.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chris Cairns is Player X

Chris Cairns is player X. He said in a statement
that he is player X.

He denies all the allegations, saying they're all untrue.

This story is starting to look like our own version of
Lance Armstrong.

My question is, Why would Brendan McCullum lie?

Why would he go to the anti corruption unit and lie
about a player that he has admired?

I don't think Chris Cairns would ever have the integrity to
admit what he did, he's not that type of person.

This has to be the biggest scandal in cricket history and
New Zealand sporting history.

I only hope, justice is served.

Time will tell.