Wednesday, December 18, 2013


In January of 2014, this blog will be six years old.

I have been blogging for six years, and the time has
come to stop this blog.

I started this blog for several reasons. I saw Hypocrisy
in the New Zealand sports media, I saw Hypocrisy by
several prominent kiwi politicians and kiwis involved in
the political scene.

I also kept reading factually incorrect statements by
 certain bloggers on the subject of music/sport, so
I thought perhaps I can get my two cents out there.

Well after six years, not a lot of people wanted my
two cents, at it's peak this blog may of gotten 100-
150 hits a day.  Most times it  averaged around 40-
50 hits a day.

Anyway for those that came, thanks for reading.
If your a kiwi I hope you finally got to read
something about the sports of Basketball and
American Football that you didn't know, and I
hope you enjoyed reading that perhaps the stats
our media gives you about a certain sport, aren't exactly

If your an American reader or outside of the USA, I
hope you like the reviews of Modern Family and such,
and I hope you enjoying reading a blog from outside the
States, that didn't knock the States.

If your a Garth Brooks fan, I hope you enjoyed the
posts about Garth Brooks, and man oh man, it's
2014 in three weeks, it was a long wait, but he's back!!

To the NZ Feminist community,  I hope you enjoyed
the mansplaining or whatever its called, and I hope you took
something from the blog.

To Brendan Telfer, you still haven't answered my question
after six years, and I still think its a crime, what you do to

 For me, the  battle in New Zealand is lost,
we still have a media who has brainwashed the public,
not only by the popularity of our country's national sport,
but even in the year  2013, they still have to bag other sports.

We have so so many great sports people,
who will not get any recognition because of their sports,
we have many Kiwi Girls playing Basketball in the USA
at High School Level and College Level, who with publicity and
funding could achieve at the highest level.

We have a ton of Female Footballers doing the same.

But because of the incestuous relationships that
NZ Sporting Journalists  have with out three big
codes, our female Basketballers and  Footballers,
will never get the opportunity to shine
on the world stage, no publicity means little or no  funding
(Womans Basketball gets nothing) and that is a disgrace, and that is Brendan Telfer's
legacy to the world of sport.

To the extreme NZ Politicians, not everything is the fault
of the USA.

To New Zealanders, not everything has to be about Rugby.

(Update: 2017: When you see Blogger such as Emily Writes
becoming successful, it blows my mind, if the media saw
her previous blog, they may not be so kind in their words
to ger)

But anyway, have to end on a positive.

If ya a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, The NZ Warriors, The
Kiwis, The Tall Blacks, If you love politicians that are centered
and not ideologists, if your Female and you want to play
Basketball or Football, if you Love Garth Brooks and
country music and proud of it. If your a fan of Brenna
Stewart  If your a fan of Ricky Gervais, Gordon Ramsay,
Calvin and Hobbes, The Office (both versions) If you love
 Obama, If you love MASH and SEINFELD and
 think BREAKING BAD is the greatest Drama ever,
if you love the USA, if you love Kiwis and New Zealand
 Beaches, if you love the NZ Breakers, if you love
 Froyo's, Dave and Busters, Friendlys, if you love
Vegas, UCONN, Nelson and CHCH (stay Strong)....
if you love HOVERBOARDS (IT WILL SOON BE 2015)

If you love all this, give yourself a pat on the back and don't
EVER feel the need to explain why you like these things, just
enjoy them, enjoy your passions, and most of important have

Because that is what its all about.


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