Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Garth Brooks Announces 2014 World Tour

Garth Brooks has announced he is coming out of
retirement for a world tour in 2014.

He said the tour will be a three year tour.

This is what Garth fans have been hoping for, ever
since he announced his retirement in December 1999.

Garth has been true to his word, he always said he
wouldn't tour until his youngest daughter has left home
to go to college.

Now that day has come.

The music world will see what they have been missing,
for the past 14 years.

Sure there has been the occasional weekend
 since 2010 where he has performed his one
 man show at the Wynn and a boxset or two, but
 again he has been total honest for the
past 14 years and stuck to his guns.

Now the time has come, will Garth Brooks 2014 be as
big as Garth Brooks of the 1990's, judging by  the reaction
today on social media, there is a good chance.

With a new tour, comes a new album, IMHO Garth
Brooks will show the music world, that his music
along with him as a person, has heart soul and integrity.

It's been a long long wait for us Garth Brooks fans, and now
the time has come.

His Friends in Low Places are all waiting in anticipation, believe
me, the wait will be worth it.

Roll on 2014.


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