Monday, December 16, 2013

Anonymous Comments

You would think that I welcome comments
to this blog, which will be six years old
in 2014, I mean I don't get a lot of comments,
a handful here and there.

But the one thing that irks me, is people who
have to comment under "Anonymous"

I find it's always people who write the negative
comments who do this, I have no idea, why they
would choose to comment like this.

I have known of bloggers themselves for various
reasons who have blogged, "Anonymous" it would appear
these bloggers are somewhat Narcissist, they believe
they are superior and no one should be allowed to
know their name, despite calling up other people
on their blogs, and giving out their life story on twitter.

But to go to a blog and post in the comment
section under  "Anonymous" comes across
as trolling and somewhat cowardice.

So if you choose to leave a comment, feel welcome,
you can use a fake name if you like , and if you
want to post as "Anonymous" then that is your choice,
it's just that your comments don't mean as much when
you do this.

Too harsh?

Time will tell.

(Update2017:  Time has tell,  Emily Writes has now became famous,
the internet has no hope)

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