Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miracles do happen

If the New Zealand All Whites needed a reminded that
Miracles can happen in sport, they only need to look at
the USA Ice Hockey team that beat the mighty Russians
for the Gold Medal in 1980.

What the All Whites need though is beyond a miracle,
if they were too beat Mexico 4-0 and qualify for the
world cup, nothing in our sporting history would come
close, I would say it would go down as the biggest
sporting upset THE WORLD has ever seen or will seen.

To qualify for Brazil before the first leg would've  been a
massive upset, perhaps in the top ten sporting upsets of
all time.

To win the second leg 4-0 and qualify, would be the biggest
thing that has ever happen in the history of sport.

That is why it won't happen.

Reality rules over the dreamers.

At around 930pm Wednesday night, kiwis wont be
jumping for joy, we wont be setting trends on twitter,
we wont be txting family and friends around the world,
about how the All Whites did it.

We will be very proud, that we put up a better effort, we
will talk about the future of NZ Football and who should
lead us, but this will be no miracle on ice.

Let the 37 thousand kiwis have fun, let us sing and chant,
let us admire the Mexicans, let there be talk before the
match that IF we get a early GOAL, things could go our
way, but deep down know, it's just too big of a  hill to

We're not going to Brazil, a Miracle on Ice is just that,
a Miracle that only happens once in History.

But that's okay,  as long as we play like a football
team should.

Here's hoping that we do.

Time will tell.

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