Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Azteca Stadium: New Zealand Versus Mexico (Repost)

(Update: The New Zealand media, as I thought, have
failed to tell the Kiwi public, how big this game is going
to be, decided to repost my original post)

Nothing comes close, nothing ever will in our sporting

No matter what anyone in the New Zealand media say,
the New Zealand Versus Mexico soccer game will
be the biggest worldwide TV Audience for any sporting
event involving NewZealand.

Peter Lester might say otherwise, Martin Snedden might
say otherwise, but nothing will ever come close to the
ratings this match will have.

The worldwide coverage this game is going to get, is
something that has never happen to any New Zealand
sports team in our history, I cant emphasis that
point enough.

I also can't emphasis enough, what faces the All Whites.
(All Whites is the nickname of the NZ soccer team for those
that dont know)

They will be playing at the hardest venue to win in
world sport, not only the altitude, but 104 thousand
crazed fans, and I mean crazed, when the USA played
there in 2004, the crowd chanted "Osama Bin Laden"
The opposition fans were pelted with bags of urine, batteries
and glass bottles, and thats only at the game, opposition
fans have to get a police escort to the game and back again,
their hotel will be surrounded by Mexican fans who will
be doing there best to make life hell for the kiwi fans.

The players themselves are in for a worst time, late night
phone calls, bomb threats and anything else that could
disrupt the team's preparation, during the game all hell
will break lose if the All Whites score, fire crackers
will be thrown, think  104 thousand Tuco's from
Breaking Bad and that is what the All Whites face.

Mexico doesn't lose at Azteca, there is a reason
that Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys
pulled down his football stadium in Dallas and
built a new One Billion dollar one, he had gone
to a soccer game at the Azteca and wanted to
build a stadium where your team cant lose.

If the biggest miracle happens and New Zealand
wins at the Azteca, it will be the greatest upset
in the history of sports involving New Zealand,
and hands down they will deserve the Halberg
award and I will go as far to say, if this happen
and they werent awarded the Halberg, then
every New Zealand sporting Journo should
hang their head in shame.

My one wish is the media tells the New Zealand
public all this, without any reference to any
other code, without having to add the usual
references that they do.

Again, this event, the first leg, New Zealand
versus Mexico is hands down the biggest
event in our sporting history and will get
more viewers than any other sporting
event New Zealand has ever been in.

Fingers and toes crossed for a win.

Time will tell.

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