Saturday, October 5, 2013

The New Zealand Rugby Union Fan

The New Zealand Rugby Union fan is
without doubt the most ignorant, pathetic
sportsfan on the face of the planet, they
will never grow up.

They have such a chip on their shoulder it
never ceases to amaze me.

I thought they might change, when NZ first got
paytv and we could delight in all the different
sports that are played around the world.

I thought once the internet came, that they could
see the world has its own sports that they love.

But alas no, the New Zealand Rugby Union fan
still needs to belittle other sports. A writer for stuff
decided to rip into America football, using the usual
false cliche's, all for the purpose to try and make their
sport of Rugby Union look better.

League fans don't do this, Basketball fans don't do this,
soccer fans don't do this, cricket fans don't do this.

But for some reason the Rugby Union fans of NewZealand
feel the need to knock other sports.

Maybe it's insecurity, maybe its because deep down they know
the world doesn't actually follow the All Blacks, I'm not sure
but its pretty hateful, and it sometimes repugnant, the level of
hate the  New Zealand Rugby Union fan has for other sports.

They will never change.

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