Friday, October 4, 2013

Most Vile website ever

(I will not link to the website, you can find it
on google searches)

Meet, New Zealand's most vile website ever.

Not even The Standard reaches the low of the
low, this site hits every day.

I only have to say, that their writers include John
Minto, Sue Bradford and Martyn Bradbury to
let you know how repugnant this site is.

What the fuck is wrong with the left in NewZealand,
that they produce sites like this.

Basically, according to this site, everything is the fault
of the USA, with the recent shutdown, writer Martyn
Bradbury, celebrated because it meant America wont
be killing tens of thousands of babies overseas.

In the comment sections, comments such as the
USA were to blame for the Kenya Mall attacks,
was meet with 10 likes.

How can the left in NewZealand (people who in the
past have included the great David Lange and Mickey
Savage) produce such hatred , such grotesque
comments all directed at one country.

It doesn't matter what tragic event hits the USA, they're
writing such hurtful and damaging articles.

It's sad, its hateful and always surprises me, that people
would be happy if a tragic event happens in the USA.

It shouldn't surprise me though, that is what the left is
now like in NewZealand and has been for over  a

One of their writers is Julie Fairly, the brilliant writer
who started the always good "The Hand Mirror",
not sure how she can lower herself to write for
such a hurtful blog.

Not sure how anyone can?

Will the blog become a hit?

Of course it will, people love to hate.

And the New Zealand extreme left has
always loved to hate on the USA.

Very sad indeed.

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