Thursday, October 3, 2013

Modern Family Review: "Larry's Wife"

Yet another brilliant episode from Modern Family.

Ten out of Ten.

Tonight's episode revolved around, Phil using his charm
to sell houses to recently divorced women, Jay taking
Manny to see Mary Poppins, Luke's friends beating
him and Haley at Poker with Alex saving the day, well
sort of, and Cam holding a funeral for a pretend cat.

A couple of side stories thrown in also, with a brief
appearance by Dylan.

Phil has charm, and he was using it on the woman to
sell houses, making them all think they were special,
while neglecting Claire. In the end of course, Phil got
caught out to the delight of Claire.

Cam's funeral for Larry's wife, was typical Cam, showing
him as the over the top, emotional man that he is.

The story line that got me though, was Manny not
liking Jay being aggressive at the Mall, but when
someone dared to talk thru Mary Poppins, Manny
went all George Contanza like.

Manny and Jay Celebrated by going to see Death Wish.

The Gloria and the baby being evil storyline did seem
thrown in there, and the show could do with less Lily.

The Dunphy kids were amazing as always, I love how
they always turn to Alex when they're in a bind, even
though as she said, she went to far and had to go with

I hope further episodes use the Dunphy kid's even more.

All in all another brilliant episode, the show just gets
better and better.


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