Sunday, October 13, 2013

Modern Family: "Farm Strong"

Again my review for Modern Family sees me giving
the show 10/10.

This week's episode was titled Farm Strong and revolved
about members of the family being sensitive.

The plots revolved around Jay wanting to give Gloria glasses,
Cam's sister getting engaged to the man that Cam use to have
a crush on, and Phil and Claire deciding to miss Luke's soccer
game, but Claire going anyway.

It was a heartwarming episode, but the highlights were the comedy
involving Phil accidently killing some birds, of course there were
references by his family, to keep reminding him, what he did.

The best visual scene was a throwback to The Birds, Phil looked
up to see one crow on the roof looking at him. Then a cut away,
then when they went back to Phil he looks up again, and half a
dozen crows were there.

The look on his face was priceless,  and sums up what Modern
Family has been doing so well this season.


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