Saturday, October 26, 2013

MasterChef Junior USA Season 1 Episode 5 (That Guy beats the Other Guy)

(Update: Not sure why Im blocked
from commenting on Troy's  Masterchef
facebook page, when Im allowed to post
on the other contestant's pages, again, my
post is to do with society, Junior Master Chef
is just a good example of this)

(To TORY'S AGENT, this post is not a 
dig at Troy but how society effects
people's behavior to each other)

Just like in real life, That Guy beats The Other Guy.

Tonight's Junior Masterchef episode, had me watching
with my mouth open, because this episode could've been
used in a human behavioral experiment. For me
it sums up, what I have written about during the past
few years, it's why I do my blog, its about how society treats
people with different personalities, and how people with
those personalities act, because of society.

Make no Mistake, TORY IS THAT GUY   and

The kids had to cook in a restaurant, Troy was on
Gavin's team along with little wee Sarah.

Troy didn't want to be picked on Gavin's team
because he doesn't believe Gavin is the best cook.

Because Gavin had the best dish last week, he
was made team captain.

Troy was having none of that. Troy who is 12
decided to try and take over, and of course
Gavin who is 10, didn't argue, now I don't
think Gavin didn't argue because of his age,
but I think he didn't argue because Troy is
That Guy and of course Gavin is The Other Guy.

It was so mindblowing to watch, Troy (Thru no
fault of his own) just decided to take over, that
is because he has been treated like That Guy
his whole young life and will continue to be.

While Gavin was treated like The Other Guy
and will also continue to be.

Even at the end when Sarah and Gavin got
eliminated, and even though Troy didn't show
much respect to Sarah, she thought Troy will
win it all.

Now I didn't see much difference in cooking
skills tonight, Gavin was certainly calmer and
didn't seem to make mistakes.

So why eliminate Gavin and not Troy?

It's sad that society can  predetermined
someone's destiny, and it's sad that people
will always want That Guy  and not
The Other Guy, again no disrespect to
Troy at all, he's probably a great kid who
is very very talented, but lets face it, in his
life he will have an advantage over the
Gavin's of this world, this is just the start,
lets hope it doesn't effect him, and give
a thought to Gavin, because I'm pretty
sure in 40 years time, if the kids ever
have a reunion, it will be That Guy
who is remembered.

Not The Other Guy.

And that just breaks my heart.


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