Sunday, October 20, 2013

Junior MasterChef Troy (That Guy)

(Update: Have changed this post after the
comments left by Troy's agent)

I believe society will treat Troy like  that guy

I believe that Troy is  one heck of a kid and will
grow into one heck of a adult and wish him all the
best for his career.

I do believe he will be treated differently than most
because he has the makings of being  that guy to

All the best to him.


pgrimes said...

I am Troys Agent and did not submit him for the show. He obviously got on the show by sheer talent. We found out through his dad. Cooking is a passion of Troy's as is acting. Can't a kid have more than one passion. I salute Gordon Ramsey for picking kids who are not only brilliant at what they do, but outgoing and certainly more than supportive of each other. Please be considerate and don't put negative comments about a talented 13 year old out there for the world to see. It is a form of bullying as far as I am concerned. Encourage don't discourage.

Brett Dale said...

Fair enough have deleted my other post about him, will leave that this one up, because this post is not a dig at Troy but a comment on society and how those that are fortunate may have a easier ride.


Brett Dale said...

Have also changed this post.

Anonymous said...

Seems funny that you would make that comment after Troys behavior on the show against Sarah. He did not "encourage her", however he did bully her. He may be the talented but that does not excuse his behavior. he should watch the show and note how badly he behaved. Also a public apology to Sarah would be a good idea. Sarah on the other hand, was totally professional and respectful something that she deserved.

Brett Dale said...

I Agree, Troy did Bully young Sarah, and I thought he should've been eliminated, not Gavin and Sarah.

Thought Gavin was great, Sarah also.

I now hope Jack wins it all.

Troy on the the other hand, overstep the boundaries in the last episode.