Thursday, October 10, 2013

Junior MasterChef (The other guy)

This is who I was talking about, when I
did my post, The Other Guy.

I had no idea, who Gavin was, when I did
my post, but he sums The Other Guy up
to a tee.

The kids name is Gavin, which doesnt help
for a start, and I predict that he will go through his
life being The Other Guy.

Gavin is a contestant on the USA version of Junior
Master Chef. He is around 10-12 years of age, he
didn't get eliminated last week, the girl who got eliminated,
he went  to her and patted her on the back and wished her well,
she didnt push him away, but she also didnt get emotional,
she just sort of acknowledge him, but when she went
to the other contestant's, she burst out crying.

This will sum up what he's going to go through, thru out life.

In this comp, I'm sure he will do well, he wont be eliminated
early, but he wont thrill the judges, he will clap and cheer the
other kids on, and about halfway thru he will go.

When there is a group challenge, he will just be there, he may
not be picked on, but he wont be listen to or taken seriously,
if he gives words of encouragement, people will just shrug
it off, if their is a error, people will blame him, not to be
nasty, but just because its him.

As a adult, he will go through  the same thing in the work place, someone
may get fired, he will try and cheer them up, but because the
advice is coming from him, he won't be listen to, because
he is the other guy.

He may or may not get married, it will be hard for him, the girl
he has an eye on, wont have her friends saying "yeah go out
with Gavin"

Gavin seems like a nice kid and will grow into a nice adult who
wont hurt anyone, he wont be taken seriously, he will just be
there, because he is the other guy.

I hope Im wrong.

Time will tell.

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