Sunday, October 13, 2013

Junior MasterChef Gavin gets a B

As predicted in my previous post, Gavin
is The Other Guy.

Last night on Junior Masster Chef, he didn't
get eliminated, too early on for that, but he
didnt wow the judges, he earned a B.

The other contestants, just sort of shrugged
their shoulders and politely clapped, none of
of the kids said good job, they didnt boo him,
he was just kinda there.

He was also the last contestant to be picked
for teams, despite not being the worst cook.

Sure Sarah may of yelled out "whip it like a man
Gavin" but I think she wouldve said it no matter
what was happening.  Of course Troy, the grungy
kid got the plaudits from the kids and judges themselves.

I'm sure next week or the week after will be the week that
Gavin goes, wont be much fanfare, people wont laugh or cry,
he will just sort of go.

Welcome to the life of The Other Guy.

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