Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If Im going to get Banned

Has to be a for a good reason, so I might
as well go out in that way.

If people are that grotesque in their ideology
and have that much hatred for the USA, I
dont EVER want to go to their website

So to The blog "The Standard"
 its goodbye, its  sickening that
you think your allowed to destroy memorial
sites to the victims of 9/11 and the Boston
Bombing because you don't like USA
international policy.

I have zero respect for you guys, what you think your
allowed to do is beyond repugnant and
it's cruel.

It's a sad day for humanity when people think
they can do actions like this and call it a political

It's not, it's just plain mean.

1 comment:

paul scott said...

The Standard are truly fanatical and hysterical. Also violent.
They specialise in nasty language name calling and its normal for them to ban and delete comments that don't follow the hysterical socialist hatred policy. You are well away. I go there occasionally to tease them but they are truly nasty.