Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homeland renamed Danaland

Season three of Homeland is  to be renamed Danaland.

The show which was about Terrorism, War, CIA and
mental illness has changed.

It's now like totally about an awesome like teen girl, who's
in the house, BOOM GIRLFRIEND.

She takes selfies, she self harms, she swears and yells and
has teen angst, she has sex, she has teen angst, she wants to
live, she's in the house.

The show which now appeals to 9-13 year old girls will
probably be moved  along side Glee and the
remake of Beverly hills 902010.

Way to kill off a series, writers.

One more chance writers, one more episode.

It's two strikes so far.

Can you save it.

Time will tell.

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