Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hey Psychics Take The Challenge

Five questions.

The questions have been choosen carefully.

They require accurate answers.  Cold reading
cannot be used to answer these questions, so
no vague answers.

Hot reading cannot be used to answer these
questions, no amount of searches on google,
social media will help you answer these questions.

You can only answer these questions if you
are truly psychic.

So here goes, I will personally donate to
the charity of your choice, if you can get one

1: What is the codeword myself and my friend
use to use at malls.

2: City of restaurant, that it took me 45 minutes to
eat one piece of chicken.

3: What did the lady hand out to me and other people for free in
a pool in vegas.

4: My fav song as a child.

5: What was funny about the server in question 2?


phyllis berray said...

Blair Robertson cheated me out of $47.00 I know it's not very much money but to me it is. I am 71yr old woman living on $642.00 a month social security. That is all I get. No other help from anybody. I have had major health problems. Breast cancer and too many more to go into. I asked this Mr. Robertson for my money back. He had his CS assist Corey man/woman IDK, insult me. He had his wife write me a nasty threatening email. All because of $47.00. When he charges $900.00 for a one hour phone reading? It's not like he can't afford to refund my money. He lied and offered a money back guarantee, no questions asked, at anytime, if I wasn't happy with the course or for any reason. Now he refuses the refund. I told him I won't stop till he gives me back my money. If I take him to small claims court, which I plan to, I am going to ask for the maximum that the judge is allowed to give me, for my pain and suffering. I am looking for anything that might help me. I have posted on my FB page about him. My daughter and some friends are going to Twitter, I dont know how to do that. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and with the Texas Att. Generals consumer complaints protection department. Is there any way you can help me or give me advice?

Unknown said...

Why do you want money back